Bahubali star Prabhas is going for an arranged marriage (Yes, really!)

Bahubali star Prabhas is going for an arranged marriage (Yes, really!)

The actor is a mumma's boy in real life as well!

Amrendra Bahubali became a heartthrob after the release of the mega-blockbuster series Bahubali and actor Prabhas, even though he was quite popular down south, became an overnight sensation over the world.

However, one thing is for sure that the actor listens to his mother in real life as well. The reason we say this is because there are reports that the superstar actor is all set to get married to the daughter of a leading industrialist in 2018.

And that leading industrialist is Bhupathi Raju, chairman of Raasi Cements.


According to a Times of India report, “Prabhas is set to marry the granddaughter of an industrialist. The family of Bhupathi Raju, chairman of Raasi Cements is apparently in talks with Prabhas’s family for a possible alliance.”

The news is, of course, a huge setback for his fans, however, the star has always been reluctant to talk about his impending marriage, considering that he is in his 40s, in media interviews. Earlier there were reports that Prabhas refused around 6000 proposals that he got during the shooting of Bahubali as he had sworn to complete the movie first. Then there were numerous rumours of him being close to Bahubali star Anushka Shetty.


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We hope that this news of also not just a rumour and the actor finally chooses to settle down with a girl of his parents' choice. While it is indeed surprising to hear for people going for arranged marriages (actor Neil Nitin Mukesh also settled down with a girl of his parents' choice) in today's day and age the fact is that an arranged marriage can sometimes turn out to be better than love marriages.

1. Arranged marriages bring the families closer: As everything happens by the consent of both families, an arranged marriage paves way for greater bonding between families and leads to harmony at home.

2. Couples look forward to the change: Since both the girl and the boy don't know each other before they actually get married, the couple gives their best shot to adapt to the changes that come with marriage without any expectations.

3. Greater compatibility with in-laws: As the match is decided by the parents, there is a greater chance that both the girl and the boy have a better relationship with the in-laws, which is an essential criteria for having harmony at home, especially in joint families.

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