Back on a size 0 mission, Bebo?

Back on a size 0 mission, Bebo?

Kareena was photographed outside the gym with big sweat patches showing up the intense regimen she must have been following.

Kareena’s exercise routines and her going in and out of the gyms is something that modern day legends are made of. There must scarcely be any other star that would have been photographed as much as Bebo in her gym gear.

Kareena’s gym spotting not only shows that she is following her post pregnancy weight loss program with extreme religiosity but also inspiring a whole lot of mums to step up that treadmill.

However, in a recent gym outing, Kareena seemed to have really gone the extreme exercise way as she broke out into some serious sweating. Kareena was photographed outside the gym with big sweat patches showing up the intense regimen she must have been following.

And even though according to old-world ideals of star spotting it may have been regarded as a fashion faux pas to see a star in a sweat patch, Kareena’s au naturel sweating it out pictures were a real reminder of how we love seeing our stars in a relatable manner.

Anyone who has lived in humid Mumbai would swear that being caught without a sweat patch is as impossible as hoping for snow in Sahara.

So catching a star with sweat dripping like mere mortals should not be a rare sighting. But still, the style glossies and entertainment channels keep on showing us such unbelievably perfect images of celebs that it is enough to give us a complex!



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But the made-up look does not just stop at photo-shopped images in print. A host of celebs that constantly post Instagram pictures of their exercise routines also makes us believe that doing 50 rounds of dumb bells and yoga asanas is possible without as much as letting a hair out of place.

So, in a way, it was refreshing to see Kareena in all her sweaty glory as it speaks to us in a language that all of us can relate too. In the past, actor Kangana Ranaut is known for her as frank as it gets attitude had spoken in an interview on how when she was a struggling actor she was often rejected by big film production houses because of her real looks.

She said often she was frowned upon because she would land up at the auditions after braving the auto rides in hot Mumbai with a sweat patch on her clothes. The casting directors used to look at the "propah" and well-groomed industry kids would mock at her real looks.

However as a new realization towards approachable beauty sets in there is a growing acceptance to everything that a real woman suffers from – body hair to freckles and of course the sweat patch – that Kareena has brought into focus.

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But apart from channelling the real deal trend sweating it out has various health benefits too. Sweating removes toxins from the body giving you a healthy glow.

Kareena who is a great disciplinarian towards her diet and fitness must be following the advice of her gym instructors and kicking some real fun in the gym.

3 reasons why you should break into sweat just like Kareena

1.It’s healthy: Yes, you read it right. You may not like the stinky smell but the truth is that sweating actually works as a detox for your body. When you sweat your body releases salts, cholesterol and alcohol.

So it not only clogs your arteries from extra deposits it also takes care of your bloating. More reasons to reach out for that deodorant and push the exercise bike pedal some more!

2.Keeps kidneys in check: So it’s a cyclic process. You exercise and sweat, you feel thirsty and then you drink more water thus replenishing your body with an essential beauty drink possible. As you sweat and drink water it keeps your kidneys in a superior condition also avoiding the possibility of kidney stones.

3. Releases pollutants: Our body has an amazing ability to get rid of dangerous pollutants that may have entered our blood stream. Regular exercise releases sweat that releases along with it pollutants such as BPA from the body. Isn’t this just reason enough to go for that run already?

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