How to plan the perfect babymoon: tips for pregnant couples

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If your wife is pregnant, you need to plan a babymoon, before the stress of late pregnancy hits you. Find some tips to plan a good babymoon.

You must be reading a lot about Bollywood babymoons. But it is not just for celebrities. If your wife is pregnant, it is important for you to plan one.

If this is your first child, you may not appreciate the importance of it, but talk to other parents. They would insist that you should take a vacation before the kid comes!

Here are a few things you need to remember when you are planning a perfect babymoon.

1# A good time to go

The first trimester is dominated by nausea and fatigue. It is also when the baby is developing her organs. Both your wife and the kid are in a delicate state. It is best to avoid travel during the first trimester.

Your doctor would ask you to avoid air travel in the first trimester. Even train and road travel in India adds to the stress and you want to avoid all of it in this delicate phase.

Likewise, the third trimester is unsuitable for travel as the fatigue comes back. There is a difficulty moving around and a chance of premature labour increase with strenuous activity.

The best time to plan a babymoon is in the second trimester. The nausea is gone and the energy is back. The bump does not show, so your wife can still flaunt her LBD. You can enjoy the vacation to the fullest during these three months.

2# Choosing the venue

Plan the trip well in advance. Research the most comfortable route to reach the place. At times, an overnight train is better than an early morning flight.

Be it Auli or Jaisalmer, avoid extremes of weather. Harsh climates may induce early labour and that can be very scary.

If you are going overseas, see to it that your travel is not unnecessarily long. Why go to Mauritius if you can go to the Andamans? India provides a lot of babymoon destinations, so don't search for anything outside!

Keep in mind three things while choosing a venue.

  1. Is it going to involve a lot of travel?
  2. Would you be shifting camp every day?
  3. Would there be an access to a good hospital in  case of emergency?

If the answer to either of first two questions is 'yes', you need to revisit the drawing board.

Choose places where you do not have to roam around the whole day. You do not want to tire her out. Similarly, the place where you sleep at night should not change much. This reduces the overall stress caused due to the change.

Read on for more planning tips

3# Planning the itinerary 

You could be an adventurous couple that likes to travel a lot. Planning a packed itinerary could be your thing. But for the babymoon, you need to keep a relaxed schedule.

Don't plan for more than 3-5 hours of travel in a day. This should include sightseeing. shopping and other excursions. Always break the travel in two or three parts and return to your hotel for a siesta.

Remember, you are there to relax. The best thing to do is to choose a good resort where you can stay by the pool the whole day and not go out!

4# Advice for the wife

You must be excited to get away from all the madness back home. This is your 'we' time as a couple, something you would not get for a long time. You need to do some planning on your own for the trip. here are seven things you need to do for the babymoon.

  1. Be involved in the planning.
  2. Judge your exhaustion and give inputs for the itinerary.
  3. Always consult the obstetrician about the trip. Find out if you need to take any vaccines if you are travelling abroad.
  4. Walk and stay hydrated. This is especially true during air travel, where chances of deep venous thrombosis are the most.
  5. Carry comfortable clothes. Your body is preparing for the arrival of the baby and his nutrition, so it is wise to avoid tight fitting clothes.
  6. Remember to pack an extra pullover/sweater, just in case.
  7. Carry a camera, a diary and record the experience!

Enjoy the vacation, as it is going to get crazier as the pregnancy progresses.

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Anay Bhalerao

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