Baby girl cured of horror eczema by an all-natural cream

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Mum shares an important tip that helped in healing her baby with bad eczema.

Babies suffer from various skin conditions while they are growing up. But what any mum dreads the most is a baby with bad eczema.

Baby with bad eczema: how a cream helped in curing her skin

When Baby Kelisha was barely three months old, she suffered from terrible eczema. It was so severe that the little girl looked as if boiling water had been poured over her. Her mum Joanne tried pretty much everything, but nothing helped improve her baby’s condition.

baby with bad eczema

Image: Screengrab from The Mirror

Joanne, a mum-of-three, was desperate to make her little one feel better. During her search for a treatment, she came across an article that talked about a  moisturiser that only cost a few dollars compared to the many expensive creams and lotions she had already tried. 

The brand is known as “Childs Farm’s Baby Moisturiser.” After trying the cream for four weeks, lo and behold, her baby with bad eczema was a transformed child.

baby with bad eczema

Image: Screengrab from The Mirror

Joanne shared that Kelisha had always been a happy baby despite her skin condition. But after using the cream, she was smiling all the time. Now, the little girl’s skin condition is completely cured!

Expert’s advice to help a baby with bad eczema

Dr Jennifer Crawley, a dermatologist, shares that a baby with bad eczema can be quite upsetting for parents as well as the child. It also impacts the quality of life when the eczema is as severe as it was in Kelisha’s case.

baby with bad eczema

Image: Screengrab from The Mirror

She also adds that regular moisturising is important in a skin condition like eczema that dries out the skin, leading to cracking and pain. In severe eczema, moisturisation is required multiple times throughout the day.

What else can you do to soothe a baby with bad eczema?

Apart from moisturisation, you should also be careful about hygiene and make a few simple lifestyle changes. Here’s what you can do.

baby with bad eczema

Image: Screengrab from The Mirror

1. Bathing

  • Use lukewarm water to bathe your little one. Keep the baths short.
  • Avoid soap unless absolutely essential.
  • Skip baths completely if your baby’s already cranky. Cleanse with a damp towel instead. 

2. Clothing

  • Stick to cottons.
  • Avoid wool, nylon or synthetic clothes.
  • Avoid layered clothing, and keep it simple.

Mum, if your little one is suffering from eczema, make sure you see a doctor immediately and follow their advice.


Source: The Mirror

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