7-month-old baby to undergo four surgeries to remove birthmark

7-month-old baby to undergo four surgeries to remove birthmark

The adorable baby Ruby will have to undergo four surgeries next year to remove a massive birthmark on her face. Here is her story

Born in a town near Wollongong, Australia, is an adorable baby named Ruby Ashby. The only difference between her and other babies is a birthmark that covers the upper right side of the face. Although she is 7 months old only, her family has decided to remove that birthmark surgically.

Little Ruby was born with what is called a Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. It is a condition that occurs in infants at birth or their first year, which results in a large birthmark usually with a hairy path of skin. This type of birthmark is seen very rarely and occurs one in 5,00,000.  The only treatment for such rare condition is surgery.

Her family has already started a page named GoFundMe which would help raise money for Ruby’s surgeries. She needs four surgeries this year to remove her birthmark. The first one is scheduled on January 12, 2016, and requires funding of approximately Rs 7 lakh. The family has already raised Rs 12 lakh and will organise another funndraises on January 16.

Till the time she joins school, her family wants all the seven surgeries done.

This procedure includes the insertion of a silicone balloon under her skin that is not covered by the birthmark. The doctors will then expand the balloon by filling it with saline. This will gradually remove the birthmark and new skin would be regenerated.

(Image courtesy: GoFundMe)

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