A sleeping baby Taimur Ali Khan comes home with parents Kareena and Saif

A sleeping baby Taimur Ali Khan comes home with parents Kareena and Saif

Baby Taimur Ali Khan was accompanied by his happy and proud parents Saif and Kareena who greeted journalists from the balcony of their Mumbai residence

Since his birth three days ago, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi has been one of the most searched persons on the Internet.

Whether it's his famous parents or his unique name or the starry guests who came to visit him, the mini Nawab has managed to stay in the limelight, without so much as posing with first his royal wave.

But now he has finally done it!

Baby Taimur accompanied his happy and proud parents Saif and Kareena and greeted journalists from the balcony of their Mumbai residence in Fortune Heights, Bandra. The excited parents waved at the waiting crowds and gave everybody an official glimpse of their bundle of joy.

In fact, in all the noise that accompanied their arrival on the balcony, Taimur continued to sleep tight in the protective arms of his daddy, who clearly knew hot to hold him properly. While his mum couldn't help but smile throughout and looked radiant post delivery.

Nana Randhir's prediction about Taimur's homecoming

Interestingly it seems that Taimur's nana Randhir Kapoor was absolutely correct about everything, including Taimur's delivery date and his arrival back home.

While speaking to the media soon after his birth, Kapoor had shared, "I had dinner with Bebo on Monday night; she was fine and glowing. Saif is looking into everything single-handedly, I'm very proud of him. Hopefully, Kareena will be home before Christmas, so we can all play with the little one at our annual brunch. It's a proud moment for the Kapoors. My mother, who has become a great grandmother all over again, is simply overjoyed. She's waiting to hold him in her arms."

And now that Taimur is home, there are many things he can look forward to and his parents have made sure that he is the most comfortable and happy in the house.

Continue reading to see the arrangements that Saif and Kareena have made for their baby, Taimur.

Special arrangements for baby Taimur

The new parents not only purchased a baby stroller for their little Nawab, but also hired Ritakshi Arora of Bibs and Cribs to do up baby Taimur's nursery.

The nursery includes pastel-shaded pinstriped wallpaper as well as a white crib that can open into a bed, when Taimur is old enough to walk or crawl. Interestingly, this made-to-order crib also includes an emblem of the Pataudi family on its headboard and sits next to a cupboard of the same colour for extra storage.

The nursery was supervised by none other than Saif who seemed quite pleased with the results. It also seems that since the couple were unaware of the gender of the baby, they chose to go with a neutral pastel shade.

And now that they have brought Taimur home, it won't be a surprise to know that they are be busy trying to get used to a new schedule around him, just as any new parent would. If you are also a new parent who has just brought your baby home for the first time, here's what you can expect within the first few days and week.

5 things to remember when bringing the baby home

  • Leaving the hospital: When you are about to leave the hospital, make sure to be dressed in loose clothing because you may not be able to fit into your old clothes so soon. Likewise don't overdress your baby. In fact, dress him the way you are dressing up, if it's not too cold, don't overwhelm him with hoodies and winter clothes. Make sure to also ask your doctors about when to bring your baby back for his vaccinations and check ups, if needed. Ask all your questions about breastfeeding or diapers changes before you head out, be in no hurry to head home.
  • Feedings at home: The first-time feeding at home can be a bit tricky because you no longer have a health care provider to assist you with it. This may be even more nerve wrecking if it's your first baby. But the best way to deal with your baby's erratic napping schedule and feeding time is to go with the flow. Do not try to schedule yourself, but instead notice how your baby feeds and sleeps, so you can work your way around it. Also don't be aghast by your baby's crying, if he does. It is quite normal for the baby to do so since he is in a new environment, so give him time to adjust and he will gradually calm down.

  • Introducing your baby to family: So far your baby only knew you or your husband, but now that you are home he will be introduced to the rest of your family members and that could take a bit of management on your part. Don't overwhelm your baby by letting him around many people at once. Take it slowly, and if you already have kids, let them in on caring for your baby and take their suggestions on simple things like dressing up the baby. This reduces any kind of jealousy, if at all.
  • Introducing your baby to a pet: If you happen to own a pet, make sure to appraise him about the new one's arrival by giving him something that has your baby's scent, like a blanket. This will familiarise the pet with your baby, but that does not mean you can leave your baby next to your pets and rely on them for baby sitting!
  • Consulting with the doctor: If you feel that you are unable to breastfeed or you are facing some issue related to his sleep or if he has a blocked nose, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor and share these issues. The sooner your clarify, the better it is for you to care for your baby.

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