How to keep your baby safe from household allergens?

How to keep your baby safe from household allergens?

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Once your baby starts crawling, they are going to reach all those hidden corners of your homes. And they can crawl into these places more easily than you can. That’s why your baby proofing house checklist needs to include dealing with the allergens like dust mites that thrive in these corners and on the floors.

But such corners in the house are difficult to clean. As a result, allergens like dust mites may pose a threat to your baby. So, it’s quite natural for you to get worried at this thought.

Baby proofing house checklist: Dealing with allergens

Mum, what looks clean, may not actually be clean. This is because there are millions of microscopic creatures and dust hidden in your home. You may not see these with your naked eyes, but they can cause serious harm to your young one’s health.

Your baby is exposed to allergens like dust mites and microbes at home. Because of their small size, they can travel into the respiratory tract and create problems like allergies, respiratory distress, sinus or asthma, rashes and so on.

So, with a little baby in the house, it’s important to regularly clean up these tough areas. You can then allow your baby to venture freely.

An important part of childproofing your house is ensuring that your home is clean. Best way to do so is with the help of a good vacuum cleaner like Euroclean WD X2 powered with Deep Cleaning + technology. They can remove hidden dust and mites from hard to reach places, to create a healthy and safe living space for you and your family.

Have you included Euroclean WD X2 in your baby proofing house checklist?

The traditional cleaning methods like sweeping and swabbing are inadequate in modern times. It only shifts the dust and dirt instead of removing it.

For our times, vacuuming your homes with a modern vacuum cleaner like Euroclean WD X2 helps you reach the corners that are otherwise difficult to clean. It also helps you get into tiny spaces and eliminate the disease causing microbes and invisible dust mites.

Here’s why Euroclean WD X2 is an essential to keep your homes allergen-free and baby-safe.

  1. Euroclean WD X2 has a filter that doesn’t allow the dust to come out of the VC. So, no need to worry about wearing a mask when you are cleaning.
  2. Apart from that, the surface where your baby sleeps can be disinfected by Eureka Forbes UV Sanitizers. It kills all the dust mites with its UV. Eureka Forbes Euroclean Health Pro UV Bed Sanitizer can also be used for disinfecting the bed, curtains and getting rid of the dust mites, bacteria and viruses in your surroundings.
  3. Vacuum cleaners come with multiple attachments for different surfaces – like upholstery, floors and wet spills. Choose the appropriate attachment for your varied cleaning needs. From gates to grills and garages to verandas, the versatile range of accessories let you clean your outdoors with no much hassles and with utmost ease.

Baby proofing house checklist: tips

baby proofing house checklist

Baby proofing house checklist: tips | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

  1. Most important place that you should focus on is the floor where your baby crawls. Other surfaces such as mattresses and upholstery where your baby spends lots of time or even the soft toys that they play with need proper cleaning. All of these could be a haven for dreaded dust mites which can cause severe respiratory allergies.
  2. Make sure that you keep your baby confined into another room when one room is being cleaned.
  3. Remember to empty the vacuum cleaner after every use.

Mum, with your homes spic and span, you can allow your little one to freely explore and achieve their developmental milestones with more ease.

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