Does my baby need lotion in summer?

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Mums, can you really do away with the baby lotion during summers? Find your answers right here...

Summer means more fun, more play, more outdoors and of course, more heat. Especially in the past few years, the temperature has been constantly on the rise, affecting the most exposed part of our body, the skin.


So, whether you are grocery shopping or heading to a park to get some cool breeze under the quiet shade of trees, we bet you wouldn’t step out without a sunscreen, a pair of goggles and a scarf or cap to cover your head. Sure, they are your besties every summer and keep you shielded from the scorching heat.


Does my baby need lotion in summer?


Just like us adults, even babies require extra protection from the blazing heat of the sun. In fact, the tender skin of babies is more prone to damage by the heat as compared to adult skin.


Here are some major baby skin problems that might arise or worsen during summers…


  • Baby skin loses moisture five times faster than adult skin

Does my baby need lotion in summer?

Mums, we all know that summertime is infamous for lashing out at us in numerous ways and one of which can be dehydration. Even something as mundane as bathing can dehydrate a human body by affecting its moisture levels.

Although bath-time can be super fun for the baby and you, it is also a fact that your little angel’s delicate skin can lose moisture up to five times faster during bath as compared to an adult’s skin. Naturally, it exposes the skin to risks of dryness and dehydration.


  • Baby skin is 30 percent thinner as compared to the adult skin

Skin irritation, rashes and allergies are some other skin troubles that humidity and rising temperatures bring along. The sensitive skin of babies is anyway more vulnerable to all of these and in addition to this they might also end up scratching themselves despite you being really careful.
Skin of a baby is 30 percent thinner as compared to your own skin, and takes somewhere close to a year or more to mature. Obviously, this might result in bacterial growth making it all the more prone to diaper rashes, allergies and so on.


  • Baby skin reacts to external environments more quickly

During summer, we tend to switch between normal temperatures and air conditioners all the time. This by itself affects the delicate skin of your baby, making it dry and dull. The tender skin of young ones also gets affected by getting constantly exposed to humidity or dryness in the weather. Dehydration, and skin rashes are a few problems arising from these extreme conditions.


Well mums, be it winter or summer, your angel’s sensitive skin needs protection from common skin care problems in all weather conditions.


Here’s what you can do to keep your baby’s skin healthy and refreshed in summers…


  • Keep your baby’s skin moisturised and hydrated

Does my baby need lotion in summer?

In summers, it is all the more important to keep your baby’s tender skin well hydrated and moisturised to avoid dehydration. So mums, make sure that you are making up for the lost moisture and hydration from the baby’s tender skin. A few things that you can do are…

  1. Make sure that your baby is drinking enough water and eating foods that are high on water content
  2. Give them a light, moisturising massage
  3. Use a good moisturising lotion for your baby after every bath


  • Ensure that it’s natural pH balance is maintained

With a rise in temperature, the pH balance gets affected. A special research that was conducted to understand the correlation between temperature and pH seconds this. As we know that the baby skin is far more sensitive than adult skin, it is important to take care that the natural pH balance must be maintained. Here’s what you can do…

  1. Regularly test your baby’s pH at home using easily available pH strips
  2. Include right kind of foods in your baby’s diet to balance the pH if found fluctuating
  3. Make use of a good baby lotion that has a pH neutral formula


  • Protect your baby’s skin from allergies and rashes

Does my baby need lotion in summer?

Rashes are a common problem for babies during summers. Apart from skin sensitivity, sweating can also be an important reason for skin problems during summer. A few tips to keep your baby away from all this…

  1. Keeping your baby tied up all the time can lead to making him or her uncomfortable with heat so it is advisable to keep your angel uncovered for short durations throughout the day
  2. Clean and dry the baby properly after nappy changes and baths
  3. Use skin care products that are specifically good at resisting infections and hypoallergenic



This summer, get the superior skin care for your tot with Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion

Does my baby need lotion in summer?

Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Lotion is the best skin care for your baby in any season, summers included. It leaves the baby’s skin soft and nourished. Here are a few qualities that make the Rich Moisture Lotion a must for your baby’s summer skin care needs…

  • Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion is gentle on your baby’s skin
  • The lotion is hypoallergenic, which means that it reduces allergy risks greatly
  • pH neutral formula that doesn’t affect the natural pH balance of the tender baby skin
  • Dermatologist and pediatrician tested so totally safe on baby skin
  • Keeps your baby’s skin moisturized for up to 24 hours and helps replenish the moisture lost during bath time
  • Soothes dry skin right from the first use
  • Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion has a wonderful fragrance that is specially created for the delicate baby skin

The Rich Moisture Lotion from Baby Dove is equipped with qualities essential for skin care in summer. Moreover, it is perfect for the most delicate skin of a newborn. So mums, this summer don’t shy away from using Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Lotion to give your baby that extra care.


Does my baby need lotion in summer?

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Does my baby need lotion in summer?

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