Baby Misha has grown up so fast and she refuses to leave daddy Shahid Kapoor

Baby Misha has grown up so fast and she refuses to leave daddy Shahid Kapoor

The couple was travelling to an undisclosed location and were snapped outside Mumbai's Sahar International Airport with Misha

The newest parents on the block, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have so far maintained the privacy of their baby girl Misha. Whenever the three have been seen out and about, the doting dad has held his baby closely. And this time around was no exception.

The couple was travelling to an undisclosed location and snapped outside Mumbai's Sahar International Airport with Misha, who is about to be three-months-old in just 10 days.

And you can already see how fast she is growing up.

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While Mira Rajput channeled a very Kate Middleton vibe, Shahid Kapoor looked his relaxed self as he held onto Misha. The baby was again held close to the doting dad and this time with just a thin cloth around, one could see how much she had grown in these three months.

Needless to say, the way Shahid holds his daughter while stepping out is proof enough that he is quite protective of Misha. In fact, he recently shared how Misha has brought purpose to his life and why he is always seen carrying her close to his heart.

While attending the Jio MAMI film festival a few days ago, Kapoor revealed, “Misha gives me a lot of strength. Life is all about her now. I feel like I am ready to protect and even fight for her. I want to be my best for Misha. I never want to leave home once I return to my wife and baby,” said the doting dad.

We are taking care of Misha on our own

He also spoke about how he takes care of his baby girl whenever home, despite being capable of hiring full-time help. He mentioned that he has been doing all the daddy duties religiously, which incidentally include changing her diapers and even cleaning her vomit.

“With a baby, I wake up every three hours. I change diapers and most of my T-shirts have Misha’s vomit and milk stains on them,” he revealed. This new phase of his life has certainly brought a lot more responsibility, but it's clearly not something he is afraid of.

Apart from looking after their baby girl, the couple has also been playing host to friends who came to see their daughter. Kapoor also shared how this big change has brought more stability and an important and personal aspect of his life that has changed since Mira became his wife.

Continue reading to see what Shahid Kapoor said quite seriously about his married life.    

Marriage has made me more centered

While before his marriage he was known for his partying ways and was quite popular among his female fans, thanks to his good looks and chocolate boy image; Kapoor is no longer the same man.

Yes, he continues to be a good boy, but he is certainly a lot more centered now and he credits his 'baby wife' for this huge change.

"Earlier, I was the master of my own will, now that isn’t the case. I have become a lot more centered since I got married,” he said as he spoke about his marriage to Mira Rajput.

He had earlier also revealed something about his marriage that took many people by surprise.

Kapoor said that he has become a completely different person since his marriage and it was indeed the right time for him to settle down.

“There are times when you should be having fun. But there comes a time when you should have stability in your life. Stability is a long-term requirement. Short-term plans and a few days of flying around [for work] are fun, but eventually, you need that. Also, I have been living alone since I was 22, so I always wanted that family atmosphere. I used to feel lonely,” he said.

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Kapoor married the Delhi-based Rajput last year on July 7, and has been quite vocal about his 'happily married' status. He clearly isn't afraid to reveal how much this marriage means to him and how it has brought more positivity in his life.

Marriage means sharing happiness

"When I used to win an award, of course, my mum (Neelima Azeem) and dad (Pankaj Kapur) were always around, but I didn’t have anybody with whom I could share my achievements immediately. Things are different with your parents. It’s not that same feeling [that one feels with a spouse]. I would always think, “Who do I share my happiness with?”" he said.

But now he has his wife to share his special moments with and he couldn't be happier about it. This camaraderie is perhaps one of the many reasons that the couple has single-handedly been able to take care of their daughter.

Even science has proved that happy marriages result in happy kids, which brings us to the revelation of how a happy couple can influence the personality of their kids, in this case the chemistry between Shahid and Mira can greatly affect their daughter.

Happy parents = Happy kids

  • Positive environment: A happy marriage is one where both partners respect and love one another, and when kids notice this camaraderie, they want to emulate the same in their future relationships. So by setting the right example and creating a positive and happy environment at home, you teach your kids to work towards it in their own lives.
  • Confidence booster: A couple's happy marriage can greatly boost the confidence of their kids, who turn into somebody who is not afraid to express themselves. With your own ability to express love for each other, you teach your child to do the same and that can certainly make him/her a more confident human being.

  • Academic excellence: A happy and encouraging environment at home that stems from a loving relationship of parents can actually help the child become academically stronger. With no stress from or at home, he can concentrate on his own life-skills and studies with ease.
  • Less sibling rivalry: When a couple sets the example of friendship, love and happiness, it automatically seeps into the relationships of their kids. When they see their own parents being cordial and nice to each other, they learn the same, thereby, leading to less or no sibling rivalry.
  • Good friendships: When a couple has friendship as the foundation of their own relationship, their kids are able to understand its importance easily. This helps them forge strong and lasting friendships with their peers, which resultantly also helps them become extroverts.

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