Useful tips: Baby massage techniques to relieve cough and cold

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Try these different baby massage techniques to rid your baby off coughs and colds. Simply repeat them when the baby is sniffling. And viola! You have a happy baby.

Babies are susceptible to several bouts of coughs and colds during the first six months. You may notice lots of snuffling noses and since they spend a lot of time lying down, they can also get quite congested.

So these four techniques are quite helpful in relieving congestion and getting rid of cough and cold. A congested nose and chest can also induce a lot of pressure on the baby's face and ribcage and cause him pressure, pain and discomfort.

So try these four techniques by simply using your fingers and by applying very little pressure:

  • Begin by rubbing the fingers on top of the nose, down the nose and out across underneath the eye.
  • Perform raindrops on the cheeks. Gently tap the fingertips on the baby's face, it relives congestion.
  • Place your hand over the baby's chest with fingertips, pointing up towards the chin and gently trace a heart with the fingers - out across the collarbone, down to the ribs and up the middle.
  • Finally, try the raindrops on the chest all over the ribcage.

You can repeat these moves two or three times a day, when the baby is still a bit snuffly. Take a look at the video to better understand how to go about it:

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Deepshikha Punj

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