OMG! "Baby Doll" singer Kanika Kapoor has three grown-up kids! (Pics Inside!)

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The singer who makes everyone swoon with peppy chartbusters like Baby Doll is a mother to three grown up kids-- one son and two pretty girls

Yes, you heard that right! The singer who makes everyone swoon with peppy chartbusters like Baby Doll, Chittiyaan Kallaiyaan has not only a gorgeous figure, but she's also a mother to three grown up kids-- one son and two pretty girls.


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And her story is one that is full of grit and determination. Six years back Kanika got separated from her husband, Dr Raj Chandok, after she found him cheating on her.

That was the darkest phase of Kanika’s life because she had no career of her own, had put on weight and was almost suicidal.


However, that's when her life took a new turn and her single was uploaded on YouTube which was an overnight hit.  Before Raj and Kanika got separated, Raj gifted Kanika her own music album for her birthday for which she contacted Dr Zeus. He created 'Jugni' and uploaded it for free viewing on Youtube. And Kanika's life changed forever!

“I got married to Raj and moved to London when I was only 18. I was a normal papad achaar housewife, had three kids and was happy playing a mother to them, till we separated about five years ago and finally divorced three years back,” she said in an interview.


“Marriage exposed me to a fancy life of another level and that kind of took over me. I was materialistic, egoistic, vain and was full of myself, to the extent of being borderline arrogant,” says Kanika. However, once she got separated she started living life on her own terms.

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Singing was something that was natural to her and she is a trained classical singer. She started singing for AIR when she was just 11.


She now lives in a small apartment in London. “I now live with my three kids (one son who is 11, and two daughters who are 10 and 7 years old) at a small apartment in Knightsbridge. My mother has moved to London and the both of us look after my kids,” she says.

Kanika now divides her time between London and Mumbai and makes sure that she spends as much time as she can with her kids. Life must have been hard for her, but this single mother sure knows how to fight and how! Isn't she an inspiration for all?

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