How a breastfeeding baby detected her mother’s breast cancer

How a breastfeeding baby detected her mother’s breast cancer

When little Laila refused to nurse from one breast, her mom Shakti knew something was up. Upon checking, she had stage 3 breast cancer...

Earlier this year, it was when Texas mom Shakti Dalal was breastfeeding her little girl Laila that she noticed something strange.

Laila wasn’t nursing from one of her mom’s breasts. According to reports, Shakti initially thought her baby was just being fussy, as babies often are. But it was so much more than that.

A deadly cancer, lurking

Shakti tried to figure out the reason for her baby’s apparent fussiness. She knew she was producing enough milk, but upon closer self-examination, noticed there was a lump under her arm.

She thought it was a blocked milk duct, but still thought it best to check with her doctor. Shakti, it turned out, had stage three breast cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes.

It is thought that little Laila knew something was wrong because cancer cells can reportedly create a bitter taste in the milk.

With no history of breast cancer in her family and being a self-described “in-shape vegetarian,” Shakti told Yahoo News that, “none of the risk factors applied to me at all.” The mom of three went on to say, “She knew something was wrong. She’s my angel and she found the cancer.”

Shakti has now undergone chemotherapy, radiation and a single mastectomy. Thankfully, she’s in great health now — so good in fact that she recently ran a triathalon.

Reports say that the cancer ordeal taught Shakti the importance of family. She now spends every free moment spending time with her sons and Laila, who is now three.

Watch the news report on Shakti’s story below. 

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