6-month-old dies after doc injects 13 vaccines at the same time

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The baby died five days after receiving the lethal dose of 13 vaccines at one go

In a horrific incident, a boy lost his life allegedy due to medical negligence. Bently was just six months old when a clinic in Finort Worth, Texas, US, injected him with a combination of 13 vaccines at the same time.

Bently’s mother had missed his two-months’ shots, thinking that at six months, his body will be better equipped to handle the doses. But the doctor thought otherwise. He explained to the mother how vaccines are an important part of a baby’s development and that she should not have missed the doses.

Therefore, the clinic prepared the vaccine shot which included two triple doses of DTap, Hepatitis B, a polio shot, three oral rotavirus doses, and a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine. All of these were compressed into three shots and an oral dose. According to the mother, it took the nurse at least half an hour to prepare the shots. Even the doctor wasn’t sure of the combinations.

baby death due to vaccines

Bently’s vaccine card

When Bently was brought home that day, he looked unwell and uncomfortable. He was twitching and was extremely cranky. He even had stopped making an eye contact and had developed a red knot on one of his legs.

“He wouldn’t let me touch his leg. He screamed and cried constantly. I knew babies were fussy after vaccines, but this was excessive. His little vein in his head would bulge out when he cried. I didn’t know what to do. I had nothing telling me this was in any way unusual,” the mother told Vactruth.com.

Bently died while sleeping on his mother’s chest, five days after receiving the vaccine shots. However, the medical examiner told the mother that he wasn’t able to find the cause of Bently’s death.

The doctors are also contemplating Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) as a cause. According to experts SIDS coincides with the infant vaccination schedule—the deaths from SIDS generally occur between 2 and 6 months.

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