A piece of chapati chokes 20-month-old girl to death in Hyderabad

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Baby chokes to death as she was left unattended by the owner of the creche after being fed by a piece of chapati soaked in milk

It is a shear case of human negligence. A 20-month-old baby girl died in Hyderabad when she choked on a piece of chapati at a daycare centre. Anita was left unattended by the owner of the creche after being fed by milk and chapati that her parents had packed for her.

The incident happened in LB Nagar of the city. Anita's father works as a technician with a pharma company, while her mother is a lecturer. The baby girl was being taken care at Lakshmi Baby Care Centre in Alkapuri Colony for the past eight months.

On November 4, when Anita's father dropped her at the centre, there were only six children at the creche. At the time of lunch, the owner put a piece of chapati in Anita's mouth and went on to attend the other children. The piece of chapati got stuck in her windpipe and she started choking.

Since the owner was busy attending the other kids, she could not realise that Anita was choking. By the time she did, Anita had already turned blue due to asphyxiation, informed the sources. Her parents were informed who immediately rushed to the hospital.

The police have arrested the owner as she was also running the daycare centre since years without permission.

How should be the owner of the daycare centre be punished for this incident? Please share in the Comment box below.

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