"I've to spend time with my son and if that can’t be taken care of, then work can wait”

"I've to spend time with my son and if that can’t be taken care of, then work can wait”

As svelte looking mum Ayesha Takia returns to work, she has some interesting piece of advice for new mums!

Actor Ayesha Takia was once considered the most promising talent in B-town, but she had different plans for her life. Takia married the love of her life Mumbai-based businessman Farhan Azmi and had her son Mikhail in 2013.

Since then, Takia has been on a self-imposed leave so she could raise her son by herself and be a hands-on mummy.

And the actor says that she doesn't miss anything about work, as long as she can spent time with her little bub.

"I don’t regret a single moment of staying away from the camera"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it. For all these years that I was away, I was extremely happy to give him all my time and attention while being a full-time and hands-on mom. I don’t think anything else can replace this feeling and the lovely experience of being with Mikhail every single day. I don’t regret a single moment of staying away from the camera,” the actor told a daily.

But now she has finally decided to come back from her extended maternity leave and become a full-time working mum.

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"My son has to be accommodated first"

Takia has already finalised a few projects and is starting a vegan restaurant and even her very own fashion line. With so many projects at hand as well as a three-year-old son to raise Takia knows her challenges, but is confident she can handle it all.

“He is my priority and whatever work I do, I want people to understand and know that my working hours will be different and my son has to be accommodated first. So, I make sure that only when these conditions are met, I take up something or else I would just skip. I have to spend time with my son and if that can’t be taken care of, then work can wait.”

"I have never worried that people have to think of me"

The confident young mum also added that she does not feel guilty about to work after so long and neither does she think too much about how people will think of her, now that she is a mother.

"I have never worried that people have to think of me in a certain way or have to accept me when I return to screen after a sabbatical. Those have never been important things for me," says the 31-year-old.

Well, she is absolutely correct. Many new mums feel guilty of leaving their babies at home or even leaving their jobs for their babies and if they will be hired later!

But Takia is right in saying that mums need to stop worrying about that and concentrate on their dreams. However, if you are a new mother and still feel guilty for leaving your baby home to go out and work, here are a few reasons you shouldn't.

3 reasons why working mums shouldn't feel guilty

  • It's your baby: First up, you are the mother and you know what works for you and your baby. Whether it is staying home or going back to work, both the decisions rest on your comfort and need. Always remember that your baby will never judge you for the decisions you make, it's those around you with opinions who may try to bog you down. So do as you please because your baby will love you irrespective of whether you choose to stay home or follow your dreams.
  • Learn to co-parent: There is no better way to say that most new fathers get away with the responsibility of rearing a child simply because of their gender. Of course it's unfair. But, this is the freedom we have accorded to them. This baby is not just yours, it's also your husbands' and he is equally responsible for taking care of him. So talk it out and consult amongst each other to come to best solution for your baby and yourself.
  • Simply lower your bar: No new parent will be given the title of 'best parents of the world' except by their own kids. So stop trying to be a supermom or a superdad. After all you want to raise happy, healthy and confident children and that can only happen if we try to incorporate these qualities in ourselves.

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