This autistic boy and his mom's shoe-tying tutorial has gone viral

This autistic boy and his mom's shoe-tying tutorial has gone viral

After her autistic son struggled with tying his shoes, this mom created a new method that's helped him greatly and now she's shared it with the world!

Kirsten Johnson is one busy mom. To go along with the hectic schedule that any mom can attest to, she also works diligently to promote and maintain her brainchild Unstoppable Mother. While it must be difficult to singlehandedly operate the popular Facebook page--which has over 175,000 followers--her true passion comes from being a loving mother to her son who happens to suffer from autism.

Often, Kirsten Johnson (a.k.a. the Unstoppable Mother) uses her real life experiences to impart some motherly wisdom to her followers. Recently, Johnson went live on Facebook and shared a video based tutorial that teaches people an easy method for tying shoes that her son uses everyday.

Though many of the viewers of the tutorial claim that the method is too time consuming, and more difficult than need be, fellow parents of kids with autism from across the globe have praised Johnson's unique method.

Apparently, the most common shoe-tying techniques proved too tricky and difficult for her son, whose autism affects his motor skills.

“He’s been frustrated with the little bunny loops and the ears,” she says in her now viral video.

“I tried this with my 11 yr old (who has autism) I’ve never been able to teach him. THIS WORKED!!!!!” one parent wrote in the comment section of the video.

“My son is 14 and has autism so he has so much trouble using his fingers. This will be easy for him,” claims another pleased parent.

While a video of a mom teaching others a unique shoe-tying technique doesn't sound like something worthy of going viral, the fact that the method can help autistic children everywhere with a basic daily routine has skyrocketed teh video to popularity; as of today, the video has garnered over 5.8 million views and over 113,000 shares.

Check out Johnson and her son's viral tutorial below:


If you're curious to see how and why autism affects motor skills and other parts of the brain, check out page 2 for an informative video!

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