Attention mums, carrying your toddler can hurt your back!

Attention mums, carrying your toddler can hurt your back!

Many injuries happen when mothers do not have the right posture while lifting their babies

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is not alone. Hundreds of Indian mothers carry their toddlers in their arms everyday. From the day a baby is born we mothers naturally develop the habit of carrying are baby and we are quite okay with the whole exercise as we want to keep the baby as close to ourselves as possible.

However, once your baby crosses the one-year-mark your little ones are too heavy to be carried in your arms. A one-year-old Indian baby normally weighs 11 kgs or more and carrying that amount of weight everyday can have a significant impact on your body, particularly your back.

While many mothers do complain about their sore backs and arms, they generally dismiss the pain as a part and parcel of motherhood. All the lifting, bending and stretching to get kids in and out of strollers, cribs prams takes a physical toll in the form of creaky knees, achy elbows and a painful back.

What not to do

baby lift

Many injuries happen when mothers do not have the right posture while lifting their babies. Here are a few common mistakes that mothers make.

  • Lifting the baby while standing straight: While lifting a baby many mothers stand straight and pick up the baby by the waist with their arms fully extended. This style could put undue stress on your back, say doctors.
  • Carrying the toddler on the hip: Many mothers carry their toddler on the hips and while it might be a comfortable posture, it creates a lot of stress on one side of the body putting a lot of strain on the back muscles of that side for a very long time.
  • Lifting the baby while sitting: Lifting your baby while sitting and stretching your back and arms is another posture that is a strict no-no

How to do it the right way

Here are a few ways you can hold your baby without putting extra strain on your back.

1. Always hold your baby in front of you with her legs wrapped around your waist. As your child would be at the centre your would be able to stand upright and your spine would be in its natural position.

2. Never lock your knees and extend your arms while lifting your baby from the crib or stroller. Always bend your knees and lift as if you are lifting a large box. You can also have one knee on the ground to put minimum pressure on your back.

3. Try and use a stroller to carry your toddler and encourage him to walk more often, even though for a short distance. You can also take turns with your husband to pick your baby. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help.

4. Try and do a few stretches after every few hours stretching your arms and legs to release the tension. Also, exercise for at least thirty minutes in a day to keep yourself fit and ready to tackle motherhood with a smile.

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