“I asked for a divorce, but my partner won’t let me go, what should I do?”

Back home, he was not his normal self. He was barely talking and was not paying attention to anything.

I am sharing my problem here because I know all you moms come here often and I can get a genuine answer to my problem.

Let me first tell you who we are.

I am a professional in the corporate world and so is my husband. We had met through common friends almost 20 years back and became very good friends, and the friendship soon turned into more. We realized we enjoy each other’s company and did not want to stay away from each other for much long.

We dated for about six years...

We dated for about six years after which we got married with both the families being happy about it. We had a good life and we were both doing very good in our professional lives as well.

After the first three years, I wanted to start a family, but he was not very keen. He said he wanted me more to himself and that we could have a baby in some more years. I was worried that I was growing older, but I thought it was very loving of him, so I decided to wait.

My husband started getting more and more successful and would travel a lot, while I started staying home more once I was back from work. Around this time, I was planning to change my job, so I thought of joining my husband’s office as a surprise, as we were both from the same industry.

I got the job and could not wait to see his reaction when he saw me at work. When I walked in and he saw me, he asked if I had come to see him and he was so happy to see me. I hugged him tight and told him I had joined there.

For those few seconds, his face became blank. I could see this was one of the biggest disappointments he must have had. I felt like running away.

Quickly he put back a smile and welcomed me.

Back home, he was not his normal self. He was barely talking and was not paying attention to anything.

The reason? I soon found out that he was involved with someone at work for quite a few years now, and that the lady in question was very influential.

I asked for a divorce immediately. I was shattered, but I knew if I did not leave then I would lose my mind. He tried to calm me down and said it was a mistake. Which is when he started talking about having a baby.

We had a baby...

We had a baby. I was happy and he looked happy too. But things went back to being bad, and he would be away for days and weeks. And as happens, even though I tried a lot, we could never get our relationship back on track, and instead of coming back together, we just kept drifting apart.

Now I am mostly on my own with my son, and my weeks are only about home, child and office. That is my life. I have asked him for a divorce, but he says it will have a very negative effect on his career. He says I can stay happy as I want in this marriage, he will not ask me for any favours, including any physical intimacy, but that he will not grant me a divorce. And if I file for it, it will be a custody issue and I don’t want to drag my child into all this.

What should I do moms? Can any of you give me any advice, please?

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*Names have been withheld on request