As a mother, I overdid by sacrificing my sleep and health: Barkha Bisht

As a mother, I overdid by sacrificing my sleep and health: Barkha Bisht

Mother to three-and-a-half-year-old Meira, Barkha Bisht speaks about her journey as a parent and how she shuffles between being a hands-on mum and an impeccable actor

Actor Barkha Bisht with husband Indraneil and daughter Meira
Actor Barkha Bisht with husband Indraneil and daughter Meira

One look at the gorgeous, lithe, Barkha and all you wonder is how she’s managed to remain so svelte post-motherhood. After debuting with a TV series in 2004, this Bengali beauty has come a long way in entertaining us with her endearing personality.

A complete army brat—she fought with her father to join the world of entertainment and glamour—yet she has other plans for her adorable little one. Here’s a tete-a-tete with Barkha.

Barkha, has being a mother changed you in any way?

Motherhood has definitely changed me as a person. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. It makes me feel special as I have given birth to a new life. Besides, motherhood has made me more responsible and patient.

Between you and your husband Indraneil, who is more of a hands-on parent?

It’s definitely me since Indraneil is a lot busier with work and I don’t really blame him.

The power couple

The power couple

You must be having a busy schedule. How do you shuffle between being a super mom and an actor?

Shuffling between the role of a mother and that of an actor isn’t the easiest. Acting, as a profession, is extremely demanding in terms of work hours. And it leaves me with very little time to spend with my daughter. Thus, I have to make up for all the lost time when I actually get time with her.

Initially, I over did it by sacrificing my sleep and other things. However, it took me a while to get over the guilt of being a working mom. Now, I try and do the best I can in the time I have without affecting my health.

Meira must be aware about your celebrity status. Do you think because of this she will grow up any different in comparison to her peer group?

I wouldn’t want my girl to grow up differently just because she is a celeb’s daughter. Indraneil and I try to make life as normal as is possible for Meira and want her to grow up as any other kid in her peer group. However, the irony is that she will grow up knowing who her parents are. Since Meira visits our sets and watches us on TV, she knows what we do and who we are.

Has your daughter acquired any of your acting skills?

Oh yes, she has. Meira acts her way through everything. She knows just how to get her way with Indraneil and me when we do not give in. She also takes to dancing just like me.

Baby pout alert!

Baby pout alert!

How are your parenting techniques different from that of your mother?

Well, this generation is more aware than our mothers were about parenting for sure. However, I still think that my mom’s ways were the best—not getting too over possessive or over-protective and letting the child be.

Do you have any suggestions or tips for our new age mums?

The only tip I have is that please don’t be paranoid about bringing up your child. Nowadays, mothers want their kids to start going to the playschool too soon, learn new things too soon. Give your child some space and just let him grow up to be an independent and confident child.

Please share few fitness tips with our mums.

Fitness is a mindset. It can’t be taught and you can’t inspire someone into it. Having a baby is not the end of the world; you are an individual, and a woman before anything else. Therefore, stay fit, look good, and work on yourself. Any form of exercise at home or at the gym is a must.

Barkha Bisht with family

Indraneil, Meira and Barkha

A quick recipe that you love to prepare for your little one…

My daughter loves non-vegetarian food, so grilled chicken and veggies act as a quick recipe. Take a couple of chicken legs. Marinate them in salt, pepper and lime. Take little olive oil and add chopped garlic to them. Now, put in chicken legs and cook till they become tender. For veggies, I take some broccoli and carrots as Meira loves them. Toss them in olive oil and add some salt to taste. Don’t over cook them. And finally for carbohydrates, I toss some rice in butter. This makes for a complete meal, full of proteins, vitamins, and carbs.

Do you plan to have more kids?

I think Indraneil and I are done with just having one kid. We both wanted just one child as we want to give her the best of the world.

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