The amazing 'pre to post pregnancy' transformation of new mum Geeta Basra!

The amazing 'pre to post pregnancy' transformation of new mum Geeta Basra!

Geeta Basra has always followed a very simple exercise regime that any new mum can do to lose weight as quickly as she did.

Actor Geeta Basra is clearly in the best phase of her life. Blissfully married to one of most celebrated sportspersons in the world, she is also a new mum who is enjoying the joys of parenthood thanks to her adorable baby Hinaya.

She also seems more fit and happy with her physical transformation over the past few months. Yes, that's correct.

In case you missed it, Basra has undergone a complete physical makeover. From her weight to her hair (she cut her hair short) everything is different and she now looks like a smashing yummy mummy giving other celeb mums a run for their money!

Case in point, when she was recently spotted in a Babita Malkani yellow jumpsuit and one could see that she's gained her flat tummy back.

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But this transformation has not happened magically overnight.

"I haven’t completely given up on anything"

Even though Basra is self-proclaimed foodie, she has always been particular about having balanced meals.

“I feel the more strict one is with their diet, the more they are tempted to break it. I do keep a check on fried foods, sweets and aerated drinks but I haven’t completely given up on anything,” she told a daily.

She also added that she has always focussed on regular exercise as well and especially includes yoga in her regime.

"Yoga and regular jogging always keeps me fresh"

The gorgeous yummy mummy says, "In the morning I do yoga and cardio. And weights in the evening, else I go for a half an hour jog. Yoga and regular jogging always keeps me fresh and relaxed. One should feel positive from within in order to be fit. I’m a firm believer of mental fitness being of primary importance."

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"Dancing is a real fun way to shed calories"

Apart from these two regimes, Basra also likes to experiment with other forms of exercises.

"When you do the same things over and over again, one is bound to get bored. On days when I’m bored to go to the gym, I dance. Dancing is a real fun way to shed calories and cut the monotony,” she adds.

No wonder a combination of all these has helped her throughout her life and she has even managed to lose all that pre-baby pregnancy weight.

Although all these three ways- yoga, cardio as well as dancing are certified ways of losing weight quickly, the only thing you need to remember to lose your own post pregnancy weight is that each body is different.

What may quickly work for her may take longer for you.

So in order to lose post pregnancy weight faster, you need to first understand your body type and the exercise that would work for you.

3 body types and exercises best suited for each

We spoke to celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa who explained the exercises one must do based on their body type.

"An endomorph has narrow hips, small joints (wrist/ankles) thin build, strong muscle and long limbs. Whereas an ectomorph has a blocky body with thick ribcage, wide or thicker joints, hips as wide (or wider) than clavicles and shorter limbs. A mesomorph will look well-proportioned even with a little added weight. They have wide clavicles, narrow waist, thinner joints, long and round muscle bellies," he shared.

  • For an ectomorph body shape: You should concentrate on gaining weight in the form of good, lean muscle tissue. Weight training should be fairly heavy and done at a slower workout pace with longer rest periods between sets.
  • For an endomorph body shape: Your biggest concern should be losing fat and adopting a lifestyle that keeps it off. Strength training should be done to get a better muscle-to-fat ratio, which will help to boost your metabolism.
  • For a mesomorph body shape: You have a naturally fit body but, to maintain or improve it, you should adopt an exercise and diet regimen that compliments your build. Train with moderate to heavy weights and keep a moderate pace, making sure not to rest too long between sets.

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