Alia is hard-working, and link-ups with Siddharth Malhotra should not change that fact, says mum Soni Razdan

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Alia is very committed towards her profession and is a hard-working girl, and no relationship can affect the dedication towards acting, feels her mother.

Rumours about Alia Bhatt’s romantic involvement with Siddharth Malhotra have been doing the rounds for quite some time, with various social media images of the two being circulated everywhere.

In a recent interview to a newspaper, Alia’s mum Soni Razdan said that the rumours that are going on about her daughter’s personal life involving Siddharth Malhotra do not worry her at all.


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She feels that Alia is very committed towards her profession and is a hard-working girl, and no relationship can affect the dedication and love she feels towards acting.

Soni Razdan was quoted as saying, “Why should it (link-up) take away from her work? Why should any friendship take away from her hard work. Nobody is saying she is wasting her time with Sidharth and coming late on the sets or going early. She loves her work, she is a confident and hard-working girl. She is a young, normal girl. When she is free, it is her choice how she spends her time. Who she goes out with is her prerogative. Why can’t she have a nice social life?”

She also said that Alia frequently talks about her personal life with her mother, but marriage has definitely not been discussed. It is definitely not the focus in the young actor’s life right now, as she is busy in making a name for herself through her work in films.

“Alia has been very busy with her work. The last thing we will be talking at this point in her career will be about marriage. I am sure she has got no such idea in her head. It is very far from the topic of conversation. It is a topic you talk about when it is time,” Soni Razdan was quoted as saying.

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It is true that for decades, Indian families have stressed on the importance of marriage for their daughters. Having the perfect marriage was once seen as a girl’s ultimate goal in life. But things have changed and for the better. Today, marriage is not the be all and end all of life. There is much more to a girl’s life than just getting happily married.

Getting married cannot guarantee that your daughter will be happy for the rest of her life. Some women continue to lead unhappy lives staying married, while some end up in a divorce after decades of staying married.

Making your daughter independent should be your main focus as a parent…..

1. Teach her the importance of being independent – No matter what she chooses to do in her career, it is important to teach your girl that the person she should rely on the most is herself. Her parents can always be her support system, but unless she is confident in herself and feels good about herself, nothing else can truly make her happy.


2. Teach her to love herself – We Indian women are the most critical and hateful when it comes to loving our own selves. As a daughter, sister, lover, wife, daughter in law, mother and so many other roles that you take on, you are supposed to love and respect others. But what about YOU?

The first step is to love yourself, so that you can share all the love and happiness that you are capable of. Tell your daughter each day what a beautiful human being she is and how much you love her.

3. Teach her to learn from mistakes and move on – Life is not a bed of roses and we learn it the hard way. The best way to equip your daughter to deal with the world in a positive way is to let her learn from her mistakes. Let her fall in love and suffer heartbreak, let her sort out her own fights, let her manage her own finances, even if she is still a child and has basic pocket money, let her learn to take some responsibilities and fulfill them.

Do not keep her overprotected, as facing the world suddenly can be difficult later. Through all this, let her know that you are always there to support her in whatever she chooses to do.

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