THIS is how Akshay Kumar is teaching his son to fend for himself!

THIS is how Akshay Kumar is teaching his son to fend for himself!

Akshay Kumar sent his 13-year-old son Aarav to London for a self-reliance training camp where he learnt to fend for himself. Now that's parenting done right

Quite recently actor and father Akshay Kumar shared that he would want his kids to stand on their own feet, rather than inherit his fortune.

In an interview he mentioned that whatever his kids will get, they will have to earn every bit of it.

"I want them to be responsible human beings who are also full of gratitude for what they have. Kuch khairat mei nahi milta, whatever they get is achieved by them… they need to understand that luxuries are a result of achievements and hard work," he said at the time.

Happiness is...watching him stumble,struggle & eventually grow into a fine young man #HappyFathersDay

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Kumar even posted for a picture with his son who is now almost a martial arts expert himself. But that's not all he wants his son to learn. This dad wants his son to really know how the world works and test if he is ready to survive it on his own. 

No wonder then, he actually made this a reality by sending his 13-year-old son Aarav Bhatia on a self-reliance course.

Aarav learns to be self-reliant in a strict course

The Rustom star and his wife Twinkle Khanna made sure that their son is not just well-educated, but also capable enough to fend for himself. 

And perhaps the best way for the 13-year-old martial arts expert to learn this, was to go on a strict self-reliance camp.

Reportedly, Aarav went to London for this self-reliance camp and learnt cooking, as part of the training programme. He also learnt to fend for himself and travel alone so he could be prepared to face the world on his own when he grows up.

He even went to the Big Apple, New York as a part of this particular training programme.

Continue reading to see what Kumar said about strict parenting! We are sure you'll be amazed to read this. 

Parenting rule #1

This effort to send him for a strict course clearly shows that the superstar couple is seriously considering the idea of having their kids live on their own.

And while this is new for the kids, it's not a new concept for Akshay, who started his career first a martial arts and also worked as a chef and a waiter in Bangkok, before hitting the jackpot with his movie career.

When the heavens open,only my daughter can make it feel like a heavenly day!Love her to the moon & back #SundayFunday

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It is perhaps this struggle that has made him a strict parent, who clearly wants his kids to learn about the more important things in life such as hardwork and discipline. This also seems to be their rule number one and we couldn't agree more!

In an interview he mentioned that although he wanted his kids to have fun and be kids first, he also wanted them to have the values that were instilled in him by his own parents.

Kids must learn gratitude

"My kids are as kids should be. They play, have fun, and just be… I don’t push them, I try to motivate them. One needs to give kids the space to grow, and I do that. But instilling right values is important, that’s what my parents did, and that’s how I want it for my kids. They value what they have, everyone should be thankful for the many blessings they have," he said.

Now that's certainly good parenting and we are positive that many other parents would also be following the same to ready their kids for what's to come into their lives.

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