Akshay Kumar receives the National Award and this is what wife Twinkle had to say!

Akshay Kumar receives the National Award and this is what wife Twinkle had to say!

Mrs Funnybones never misses out on an opportunity to make us roll with laughter!

Trust Twinkle Khanna to display her impeccable sense of humour at a time when others celeb wives would have perhaps chosen to just smile and be by their husbands' side.

After being announced as the winner of the National award for the best actor in the film Rustom, it was finally time for the dashing Akshay Kumar to pick up the national award from the president of India, Mr Pranab Mukherji, this week and the entire Kumar clan was there with him!

On being declared the winner, Kumar had thanked his parents, family and his wife Twinkle for his win.

"Rustom was a very special role to play. I would like to dedicate this award to my parents, my family and especially my lovely wife who often jokes that it is good that you have stopped going to award shows as you never get an award - khaer, der aaye, durust aaye. Kuch toh aaye," he had said at that time.

And he was there at the Rashtrapati Bhawan with the two important people that mean the world to him. "An important day in my life with the most important people in the world to me, my family," wrote the National award winner as he posted a picture of him with his family and we couldn't help but say wow!


Dressed in an ethereal navy blue and pink saree that she matched with stunning temple jewellery, Twinkle stole the show from hubby Akhshay Kumar. Another person who caught the media's attention was their handsome 15-year-old son Aarav who also donned a traditional kurta pyjama. Akshay sported a black suit and interestingly had a pink pocket square that matched Twinkle's saree pallu.

Twinkle was visibly beaming with joy, but rather than staying quiet about her state of mind, she quickly sent out a tweet saying that she feels proud to have a "trophy husband".

"So now I can officially refer to him as my trophy husband," she wrote as Akshay collected his award.

While she definitely stole the thunder from her actor husband with her stylish drape, her super cool relationship with son Aarav also made many heads turn.


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Bonding with your teenager...

One couldn't help and smile as she laughed and giggled with him while he hid his face with his hands. Twinkle is indeed showing the world how to raise a teen son like your friend and not by pulling each other's hair apart (you know what we mean, right?). Here's how you can do it too:

  • Don't stop talking: No matter how much you fight and argue over small issues, do not cut your teens out and stop talking to them. They need to vent all the energy that is inside them and keeping quiet would do more harm than good.
  • Give them their privacy: Teenage is the time when kids like to listen to music for hours or just daydream lying in the bed the whole day. As parents, you should make sure that you give your teen the privacy they need and don't just keep nagging them the whole day. Leave them alone for some time.
  • Respect their opinion: It is important to reason and explain your points, but it is also essential to know their point of view. Remember that your teen is not a child anymore and has a mind of their own now. Respecting their opinion and listening to their point of view would encourage them to be more open with their feelings, which is very, very important at this age.

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