Doting parents Twinkle and Akshay Kumar have been teaching Aarav THIS life skill

Doting parents Twinkle and Akshay Kumar have been teaching Aarav THIS life skill

Akshay Kumar is parenting his son son right. After all, all boys must be taught this life skill so they don't have to depend on women!

Before he made it big as an actor, Akshay Kumar famously worked as a chef in Bangkok. And even though he switched over to another career, he still relives his culinary days by cooking up a storm at his home.

Only this time he was joined by a special guest on the counters.

The doting dad who always encourages his kids to learn the ways of the world was happy to have his teenage son Aarav join him as he prepared dessert for some dinner guests. And this team effort made mum Twinkle so proud that she couldn't help but share the candid moment with everybody.

Akshay teaches Aarav an important life skill

Khanna clicked the father-son preparing a special soufflé with white chocolate mousse for their dinner guests and shared the picture on her Instagram handle. One can see Akshay checking on Aarav so even he can excel in the life skill (of cooking) that helped Kumar stand on his feet.

Along with this candid shot, Khanna wrote: "Father and son busy making soufflé and layered white chocolate mousse for our dinner guests.I have trained my boys well (emoticon) #dessertstory #sundayshenanigans (sic)."

The proud mum clearly did not hide the fact that she was super proud of her husband and her son and also that she had trained them well. And Kumar has often reiterated that he loves being tutored by his wife and doesn't hesitate once before following her instructions.

"I just follow her instructions"

Explaining how he contributes to their home by being a silent follower, Kumar says he feels his wife is always right. In fact, he added that all the women at his home are usually always right.

"My mother-in-law [veteran actress Dimple Kapadia] is a style icon and wouldn't have me any other way. I have no option but match up to the ladies in the family. When my house was being made, my only contribution was to say nothing. And it looks pretty damn good," he recently said in an interview.

Even when it comes to clothes, Kumar says that he simply follows his wife's instructions.

"The same way, when she tells me what to wear, whether it's by bullying or not, I just follow her instructions," he added.

No wonder then Khanna is so proud of her achievements. She has not only made an honest man out of Kumar, but the couple are now turning their kids into self-reliant individuals by encouraging them to do everything on their own. This attitude is perhaps the reason why Kumar has publicly stated that he will not be giving away his inheritance to his kids.

"Whatever they get, they have to earn it. I want them to be responsible human beings who are also full of gratitude for what they have. Kuch khairat mei nahi milta, whatever they get is achieved by them... they need to understand that luxuries are a result of achievements and hard work,” said Kumar last year.

Either way, it is clear that the couple love working towards making their home environment grounded so their kids can learn to be humble. And you can do it too with these easy steps.

3 ways to teach kids about humility

  • Learn to say 'No': Try to practice a bit of delayed gratification, which means not giving into the demands of your kids immediately and learning to say 'No' sometimes.
  • Practice and demonstrate gratitude: Teach your kids basic courtesies such as 'Thank You' or 'Please' and practice it often at home and whenever outside.
  • Sharing is caring: Practice altruism by sharing or donating time, energy and goods with the needy. You can ask your kids to come with you if you volunteer somewhere.

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