Doting dad Ajay Devgn won't take his daughter along for celeb events!

Doting dad Ajay Devgn won't take his daughter along for celeb events!

Nysa was quite recently spotted at a Smile Foundation event along with father Ajay Devgn and even interacted with the media

The usually reserved and quiet Ajay Devgn can be quite talkative when it comes to his children. In fact, quite recently at a promotional event he revealed something surprising about his relationship with his daughter, the 13-year-old Nysa.

He admitted that his daughter did not speak with him for over 1.5 years.

While talking about how his work kept him away from his family, Ajay Devgn reportedly said, “Initially, she was really angry with me for over a year-and-a-half because I was busy shooting for Shivaay and could not spend much time with her. But when she saw the trailers and the songs she told me, ‘Now I know why you were busy and I am extremely proud of you.’ That was possibly one of the best compliment for me for sure.”

Since then, he had been taking her out to a few events, in the hopes, assumably, to spend more time with her. But now it seems that the doting dad has had a change of heart.

Nysa analyses everything: Ajay

He is not keen to take his little daughter out for celebrity events and wants to keep her appearances limited to causes close to his heart. He had earlier admitted that his daughter is a smart and brutally honest girl and analyses everything closely.

"Nysa has always been the super-wise one and has great one-liners. She is such a sharp thinker and analyses everything," he mentioned. He even added, "Nysa is my biggest critic. She gives me such interesting perspectives that I find solutions to seemingly irresolvable problems each time I discuss something with her."

So is it this honesty of hers that has prompted Devgn from keeping her away from events?

Continue reading to see why daddy Ajay Devgn actually doesn't want his daughter attending celeb events.

Why Nysa must stay away from celeb events

While Ajay loves to take his daughter Nysa to events that help highlight social causes close to his heart, he is not keen to have Nysa accompany him to celeb events including film promotions.

As a doting father he had a very strong reason, which he recently shared with a leading daily; making it clear that he doesn't mind her heading to events that talk campaigns in favour of girls and underprivileged children.

He categorically stated, "You will see me and my daughter in public when I am trying to teach her something or tell her about something that will change her perception about things in the society."

Devgn also mentioned the events where most people have seen him and his daughter together and that it will remain to be the platform he is most comfortable taking his daughter along.

"You have seen her at the Smile Foundation campaign for girls. You saw her at another event which was about helping the underprivileged kids. So, what I mean is that you will not see her with me at any celebrity event," he added.

The doting father is clearly on board to teach his kids learn valuable lessons and is not ready to just have them become fluff star kids, as is the case with most star kids in the industry.

Imbibing values in Nysa and Yug

This statement is also a reflection of the values that Ajay and wife Kajol are trying to imbibe in their kids.

"Parenthood doesn’t mean one only showers affection on the child. It means nurturing the child into becoming a good human being,” Kajol once said about parenting her two kids.

She also added that she believed in disciplining her kids that there is no mother who wouldn't do the same. "My children are my biggest assets and I will go to any length for them. Sometimes, people tell me that I am too strict with them but I am yet to meet a mother who doesn’t believe in disciplining her child. Is there one?" she asked.

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This power couple is clearly proving that discipline and moral education go hand-in-hand and it is something both are committed to have their kids learn. But just to take a cue from their parenting style, here are three ways to teach children about social causes and how they contribute to being better citizens.

  • Using children's literature: You can use your child's text book and the stories therein to teach them about the value of being different and fair. If not, then look for easy-to-read children's books that talk about diversity, equality and social justice. Since reading books is an important part of elementary education, you will not only encourage them to read but also learn about the more important things in life.
  • Use news as a medium: Have your kids watch some news with you or selectively pick out news about good samaritans and how they helped others in order to imbibe a sense of helpfulness in your kids. Tell them about incidents where people stood against biases and fought for freedom and justice. The Indian struggle for independence is one such great example with many notable leaders.
  • Lead by example: Just as Ajay takes his daughter only to events that highlight important social causes, you can also take your kids to accompany you to events or places from where you feel they can learn something. Leading by example and setting the bar high in your own capacity can indirectly help your children become informed citizens.

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