Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is not the only mum constantly carrying her child, this star wife is following suit!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is not the only mum constantly carrying her child, this star wife is following suit!

This star wife who also recently got married, is often seen carrying her child on her hip!

Let's admit it, whenever mum Aishwarya Rai Bachchan steps out with her daughter in public, she swiftly picks her up, propping her on her hip. In fact, she is so careful to have Aaradhya close to her that we rarely see the two of them more than a feet apart.

But we are not the only ones to notice this practice of hers. In fact, she was recently asked as to why she quickly picks up her daughter whenever she steps out and she had a rather emotional answer.

Why Aishwarya still carries Aaradhya!

While explaining her instincts the doting mum was quoted by a tabloid as saying, "At one point when we were walking, she was in a great mood, even as people clicked pictures. She was laughing and saying something funny. But, when people started caving in, I had to pick her up because she is too tiny to handle all that. I had to steer my way through the crowd. It is just a protective instinct, I keep her close."

She also added that even though Aaradhya had been raised in the limelight, she still found it tough to cope with the attention coming her way, especially from the photographers.

"Aaradhya has seen it (the limelight) since birth and I would like to think she is used to it. But when Aaradhya saw these people (photographers) coming, she just wanted to stop in her tracks and squatted on the floor. I knew it was time for me to pick her up. I just wanted everyone to be safe, including my child,” she added.

But it seems Aishwarya may not be the only celeb mum carrying a child on her hip. Nowadays another new mum is often seen carrying her child when she is out and about town. We are talking about Mira Rajput.

Mira carries her baby all the time too!

Whether she is travelling with hubby Shahid Kapoor or solo with her daughter Misha, Mira is always careful to carry her girl by herself, even though she too can afford help. In fact, just yesterday, the couple were pictured at the airport with their munchkin and she clearly had her parents' undivided attention.

It is nothing unusually if you ask regular working mums, since most of them do the same. But Mira's case is different. She's married to a star who can afford a lot of help, many nannies and baby sitters, but this young couple clearly want to care for their daughter by themselves.

While during her initial months, the overprotective father Shahid would carry his little bundle of joy. Now after six months, Mira is the one taking charge and chugging her baby along on her own.

3 reasons parents shouldn't fret about carrying a child

  • It's your child: Let's get one thing clear, since you are the parent and it is your child, you have to right to decide when to let your child run around free and when to hold him/her close. If you feel you are not ready to let him be, you can carry him as long as you can.
  • It's about safety: When you are travelling in crowded areas, it's best to carry younger kids on you. If your child is between one and two years, you can use a carrier. And if he is older, just carry him in your arms when you can. Let's agree that our cities in India can get pretty crowded and that should not be a reason to keep your kids and yourself confined at home.
  • It's also about a stress-free travel: If you are used to travelling with your kid, carrying or not carrying should never be a debate. However, if you're not used to travelling with your child, it's not a good idea to let your child be away from your sight. Even if you have to carry your child, it'll still be a lesser stressful travel than having to worry about where your child is hopping around.

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