Real Mum Shares: Finally, I Found Solution To My Baby's Breathing Woes

Real Mum Shares: Finally, I Found Solution To My Baby's Breathing Woes

Mum Arti Shah shares useful information about what to keep in mind when bringing home an air purifier, and why she decided to invest in one.

Does your little one keep you awake at nights as you help them fight common respiratory problems like sneezing, wheezing, and coughing? There’s every possibility that you are blaming the rising pollution levels for your baby’s suffering. But did you know that indoor air pollution is an equally imminent threat to your child’s health? Stay-at-home mum Arti Shah learned this the hard way when indoor pollution was identified as the reason for her little one’s frequent bouts with illness. After doing some research on the matter, she discovered many ways to help keep the air inside her home clean, as well as the most effective way of combating indoor air pollution. She also shares some useful air purifier facts that every mum must check before buying an air purifier.

Meet Arti and her 2-year-old little love, Baby Amy.

air purifier facts

Arti with her little love Baby Amy

“I feel the smog levels are constantly rising in big cities like Mumbai, making air pollution one of the biggest threats to respiratory health of our times, especially for kids.

“Children are more susceptible to respiratory problems as their lungs continue to develop for a long period after their birth. So, as my daughter started growing up, I kept myself well-informed about problems related to air pollution. I followed a few simple steps to help her breathe fresh and clean air.

air purifier facts

“Despite being careful, my daughter started falling sick on and off. That’s when I shared my concerns with my paediatrician, who informed me of the ill effects of indoor air pollution on babies and young children.

“Small babies and even young kids spend a lot of time indoor. That increases their exposure to indoor air pollutants such as dust, particles, harmful gases from different aerosol sprays that we use in our homes and so on. After a bit of research, I found out that an air purifier may be a good solution to this.”

In her research, Arti came across Pureit Air Purifiers. She shares, “Being a marketing professional myself, I wanted to ensure that I am buying a genuine product. After all, it was a matter of my baby’s health. So I verified the air purifier facts that I feel one should check when buying such products.”

Air purifier facts you should know before buying an air purifier

Arti explains what mums need to check before buying an air purifier.

She says, “I started researching on indoor air pollution and the air purifier facts to look out for when buying one.

“Some of the air purifier facts I checked are the HEPA technology filter, what type of pollutants does the purifier remove, the air change rate and clean air delivery rate (CADR) are crucial factors when choosing an air purifier. Apart from this, other factors like the size, portability and weight of the air purifier need to be considered, to suit your specific needs. But being a mum, child safety features and the noise that it causes were also very important for me. After a lot of research, I settled on Pureit Air Purifier as the best option with all the features I was looking for.”

Arti definitely recommends Pureit Air Purifier to other mums. Here’s why.

air purifier facts

She says, “The Pureit Air Purifier is well-equipped with the advanced HEPA technology. It refreshes the air in the room once every 13 minutes. The dual fan and dual filters help in double purification but in lesser time. You can actually feel the stark difference in the quality of the air. You are also alerted 15 days before the expiry of the filter.

“But I was worried about what happens if you don’t change the filter after expiry. To my relief, the device just stops working after the filter life expires. It does not throw back any harmful pollutants into the air that my baby breathes. In fact, it fights many air pollutants that are blacklisted by the World Health Organization, as well as harmful organic compounds like volatile organic compounds.

“Its air purity indicator measures the air quality every 2 seconds and also displays it. So, this helped me understand what the original air quality in the room was, and how it improved. It also automatically senses the air quality of the room and varies the speed of purification.

“Designed to remove unique Indian in-home odours, it removes 99 percent of six of the most harmful air pollutants within one hour. After using Pureit for a few days, I felt that the odour of damp clothes, poop and pee from my baby’s room had reduced considerably. Every time I entered the room, the air smelled fresh.

“But what the mum in me loves most about Pureit Air Purifier is that it runs with almost no noise, so both me and my baby can sleep soundly. The child safety lock also helps to keep all settings intact by locking the interface. There have been times when my little one has found the purifier’s display amusing and played with it. But the settings did not change.

“With all these awesome features I was still worried if it would give us a huge electricity bill. But in reality, it uses very little electricity —  just as much as a ceiling fan. And last but quite important, its tower type design means it doesn’t take up much space.

“Having used the Pureit Air Purifier for a while, I can already feel the difference in the air quality of my home. I feel my daughter has fewer sick days now.”

Indoor air pollution is becoming a bigger problem in most cities with each passing day, giving mums more reason to worry about their kids’ health. But as Arti shares, there are good ways to combat this issue – the most effective of these being investing in an air purifier.

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air purifier facts

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Prutha Soman

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