After a failed first marriage, Simar aka Dipika Kakar to tie the knot with co-star Shoaib Ibrahim!

After a failed first marriage, Simar aka Dipika Kakar to tie the knot with co-star Shoaib Ibrahim!

The couple fell in love on their hit show Sasural Simar Ka!

Another reel-life couple is set to tie the knot! Yes, after the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein jodi, Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, the superhit pair from another daily soap Sasural Simar Ka are all set to become man and wife.

But this time it's no secret as Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim had already announced it to the world that they are in a steady relationship. But Simar-Prem fans were waiting for them to enter matrimony and make an announcement. And, looks like the superhit pair is set to tie the knot end of this year.


"We plan to get married either in December this year or January next year. I would like to have a winter wedding. Dipika wants a grand nikaah in my hometown, Bhopal, "Shoaib told a leading national daily during an interview. Shoaib is back in news after losing almost 18 kgs and is looking leaner and fitter than ever before. He says that Dipika is extremely happy with his transformation.

"After quitting the show, I worked on my body. Dipika (Kakar, girlfriend) is very happy with the new me, as she was the one who pushed me to get fitter. I was on a no-sugar and no-carb diet. She would also eat the same boiled food as me," he said.

Dipika and Shoaib had already announced that they are indeed a couple last year. They realised that they can't live without each other when Shoaib quit the show Sasural Simar Ka in 2013

"After he left, I distanced myself from everyone on the set for almost two years. I got anxiety attacks once when I couldn't reach him when he was on a 40-day outdoor schedule of his project," says Dipika.


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This would be Dipika's second marriage. The actress got divorced from her husband, Raunak Samson, in January 2015 after three years of marriage. It was a tough time for Dipika but Shoaib helped her overcome those difficult times, adds Dipika.

"It's not mandatory that every love marriage should work; it can have its issues like compatibility too. Breaking off any relationship is difficult, almost traumatic. That's exactly what happened with me. My parents supported me and Shoaib helped me pull through those difficult times. We were not dating then," she says.


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Shoaib has also been very supportive of Dipika and he really doesn't have any regrets that now she has also decided to say bye-bye to the show Sasural Simar Ka that, in a way, gave them everything.

"I will always support her in all decisions that make her happy. My reason to quit the show was that I was dissatisfied as an actor. However, Dipika quit because she was physically drained out. It was not easy for her to quit after six years, because as an actor, you get emotionally attached to your show. Nevertheless, we are both happy with the decision," he said.

Three things that happy couples always do

1.They support each other: Couples who are happy generally trust each other's instincts and support each other immensely. Just like Dipika and Shoaib have stood by each other's decision, first when Shoaib quit the show in 2013 and now when Dipika has said good-bye to it.

2. They get their family's approval: 
It is very important to get the family's approval if you want to have a peaceful and stress-free relationship. This is something Dipika and Shoaib did in the beginning only. Dipika has even stated numerous times that she is very close to her future mother-in-law.

"Coming from a small town, I have always longed for family. Ammi sends dabba for me when my mother is not there. I feel I am more close to his mom than him. Everything is positive and we are more at peace now," she had said in an interview.

3. They help each other meet their goals: Shoaib says that it was Dipika who pushed him to lose weight and the result is that he has lost almost 18 kgs. Happier couples push each other to work towards the goals and ambitions and support each other throughout.

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