Adorable Amazon Prime ad proves all families need a dog

Adorable Amazon Prime ad proves all families need a dog

Parents, if you were ever questioning adding a dog to your family, this adorable Amazon Prime ad makes for a compelling case. Watch this adorable video

Adding a dog to your family can have a number of great benefits on your household. For instance, it can help to teach expecting parents the various aspects of responsibility before having a child. When your child is born, your dog can also serve as a loyal companion and playmate for you kid(s).

Don't believe me? What if I said I had some compelling evidence?

The evidence I present before you today is the most adorable ad you can think of, courtesy of Amazon Prime. I promise that this heartwarming video will convince you that having a dog in your family is a beneficial addition for you and your children!

In the video, a mum, dad, and their baby boy are seen together when their pet golden retriever comes to greet the baby. The infant begins to cry and the dog walks away knowing that the baby is not too fond of him.

The parents hush the baby giving him a brand new plush lion toy. The baby loves his fluffy new toy and the new parents are pleased to see that their precious bundle of joy has finally stopped crying.


Unfortunately for the family pet, he feels left out of the equation. He observes the family of three happily bonding, and can't help but feel as though he's old news.


Luckily, Dad is an Amazon Prime member. He uses the speedy and useful service to resolve the problem and make the family of three, a happy family of four!


Their baby boy loves their pet's new mane, and the adorable golden retriever gets to be part of the family again! Everyone wins. Thanks, Amazon.

The ad is heartwarming and an enjoyable commercial for just about anyone! Not to mention it proves that babies and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Dogs not only get you (slightly) prepared for the responsibilities of being a parent, but they're also an invaluable part of the family once you've welcomed your child into this world! Don't believe me? Check out the whole ad below:

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