Single dad story: Struggles of India's youngest single dad in adopting a baby

Single dad story: Struggles of India's youngest single dad in adopting a baby

India's youngest single dad to adopt a child, Aditya Tiwari, shares about his struggles.

Barely a couple of years ago, adopting as a single father in your twenties was next to impossible. But the steely resolve of the Pune-based software engineer Aditya Tiwari, made time change its course. Get to know about Aditya’s story as he opens up to the anchor and new mum, Meghna Pant, on this episode of Nine Months Season 2. 

Adopting as a single father: Aditya’s story

At the age of 27, Aditya Tiwari took the brave and courageous step of adopting a baby with Down’s Syndrome and two holes in his heart. Not just that, he also fought a rough legal battle to be allowed to adopt this particular baby. Because back then the age limit for adoption by single parents was 30 years. 

Despite all the odds, legal hassles and societal pressure, Aditya decided to adopt the baby boy with multiple health issues. He was warned that the baby will spend his entire life in the bed. Precisely why, his biological parents had abandoned the little one. 

Moved by this story, Aditya decided to walk all lengths and breadths to adopt the baby boy. He desired to give the baby a family. But was that so easy?

The legal battle

adopting as a single father

Aditya Tiwari shares about his struggles for adopting as a single father | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

In his first and last visit to any orphanage, Aditya found his would be adoptive son. The authorities informed him that he could not adopt a baby as he was single. But there was more than that. The minimum age of adoptive single parents in India was 30 years, whereas Aditya was only 27 years at that time. This led him to knock on every possible door that could help him with adopting the baby.

Finally in 2015, the law was changed and the age limit was brought down to 25 years. That’s when Aditya could bring his little love into his life. 

Aditya also faced a lot of flak from the society. But he did what felt right to him. He has not only adopted his son, Avnish, but also giving him best possible life. He soon found a great partner, who understood his desires and decided to walk the path with him.

Click here to watch Aditya Tiwari, in conversation with Meghna Pant, and get inspired by this young dad.

Written by

Prutha Soman

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