The first thing Adira Chopra says to mum Rani Mukerji when she's back home from work

The first thing Adira Chopra says to mum Rani Mukerji when she's back home from work

Read on to know what is that one thing that Adira Chopra says to her actor mother when returns home from work.

Let’s be honest, being a working mother is like juggling several things at the same time. And many times one thing gets piled on the other. Which means that you often end up carrying your work home. For actor Rani Mukerji, that means coming home in all the makeup and finery that is associated with her work as an actor.

But that’s one thing that her daughter Adira doesn’t like her in. Yes, that’s right!

Here’s what Adira Chopra says to mummy Rani when she comes home

The first thing Adira Chopra says to mum Rani Mukerji when she's back home from work

Adira with daddy Aditya Chopra (Images courtesy: India Today/ Milind Shelte)

Adira Chopra doesn’t like her mummy to be in makeup when she’s home after work and this is why she asks her to remove it once she’s back.

Rani Mukerji mentions that now that Adira is growing up she has started introducing to her shoot life. And the one thing that she has noticed is that Adira is very happy when she sees her mother without makeup.

“Now slowly we started to tell her that I used to go for shoot. So yesterday when I came back from promotions, she asked me, ‘mama aap shooting pe gayi thi?‘ I said haan. Then she asked, “makeup nikaal diya?” She understands now. Because when she sees me without makeup, she feels very happy, “Rani told famous glossy magazine

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In fact, that’s the one complaint of hubby Adi Chopra as well, says Rani.

“Both her father (Aditya Chopra) and she always have this complain that I should never be in makeup. Even my husband, when I come back, he says, go first remove your makeup,” she added.

How Rani Mukerji is maintaining work-life balance

Rani says that she is extremely careful when it comes to maintaining work-life balance and she chooses her shooting schedules accordingly.

The first thing Adira Chopra says to mum Rani Mukerji when she's back home from work

Aditya Chopra seen with daughter Adira Chopra

“I always take the slot of the afternoon because she sleeps at this time. So, I take the advantage and when she is sleeping, I kind of come, do my work and go back to home,” she says.

“When I was shooting for the film Hichki also, I used to go early in the morning to shoot and five-six hours of work I used to finish in the morning and go back home before her lunchtime. So she doesn’t miss me too much because when a baby wakes up, she has her own routine,” revealed Rani.

Getting back to work after childbirth

It indeed takes a lot of courage and effort for working mums to be away from your baby the whole day when they are rejoining work after a sabbatical. So just like Rani, here’s what you can do to make it easy for you and your baby:

1.Start slowly and gradually introduce your child to the fact that you’d be away from them for some time. You can begin by leaving your baby for an hour or so every day and slowly increase that time.

2.Don’t micromanage and let the caregiver/nanny/grandparent/daycare, whoever you choose, take charge of the baby in your absence. If you try to micromanage everything, you’d not be able to concentrate on your office tasks as well as be uneasy the whole day.

3. Don’t take work home. Make it a point to never take work home so that you don’t pass on work stress to your baby. Remember that home is the personal space for you and your baby.

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