Adele’s ‘pregnancy beard’ and other symptoms explained

Adele’s ‘pregnancy beard’ and other symptoms explained

There are some uncommon signs of pregnancy as well such as bleeding gums, excess breast tissue, dark pigmentation, and according to pop singer Adele, a pregnancy beard!

Soon-to-be mommies often find solace in being able to share their pregnancy woes with their friends--swollen feet, stretch marks, and bouts of indigestion come as no surprise as they are the more commonly known symptoms.

But there are some uncommon signs, which they might be a bit reluctant to share such as bleeding gums, excess breast tissue, dark pigmentation, and according to pop singer Adele, who shared her experience at her recent concert, a pregnancy beard!

Back when she was pregnant with her 3-year-old son, Angelo, she had a hormonal imbalance which resulted in facial hair.

“When I got pregnant, I had so much testosterone in me that I grew a beard,” Adele revealed to the crowd, reports People. “I only cropped it last night. It’s actually true. I’m not telling a joke. I actually have a beard, but I’m proud of it. I call it Larry.”

The ‘Beard’ may have been an exaggeration

“I think Adele is probably over exaggerating the beard issue,” Dr Jacques Moritz, an OBGYN at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, told “But, I will tell you that hair starts to pop out of strange places during pregnancy — around the nipples, more hair on the head and everywhere in general due to the hormones.”

While a variety of hormones are responsible for fetal growth, they may cause other things to grow as well.

In Adele’s case, her excessive facial hair growth may be because she was always prone to growing “peach-fuzz-like body hair” even when she wasn’t pregnant.

But this unusual growth resolves itself as hairs move through their usual cycle of growing then falling out.

But despite all the changes moms-to-be experience, however bizarre or inconvenient they may be, Dr Moritz promises that it will all be worthwhile.

“It’s totally, totally normal and it’s all part of being pregnant and is nothing to be concerned about,” said Dr Moritz.

“In the end, you have a kid, so you get the prize as far as I’m concerned. There’s no such thing as a free lunch after all,” he sums up.

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