Add these 5 cruelty-free cosmetic brands to your makeup bag today!

Add these 5 cruelty-free cosmetic brands to your makeup bag today!

Cruelty-free cosmetics can be difficult to find, so we decided to curate a list of 5 such cosmetic brands that you can easily buy in the Indian markets

As an animal lover, I make sure that all the cosmetic products I purchase are cruelty-free. Which means that these products have not been tested on animals and /or are nature-friendly.

But it's not easy to scout for a cruelty-freecosmetic brand, especially if you are a makeup lover. That's essentially because most high-end cosmetic brands available in the market actually indulge in animal testing.

And most people end up buying them because of the brand they represent and their packaging.

So we decided to curate a list of 5 cruelty-freecosmetic brands that you can easily buy in Indian markets.

#1 Lotus Herbals


This company started on a small-scale in 1993, has today become one of the biggest Indian makeup manufactures in the country. Their products are cruelty-free, which means they haven't been tested on animals.

This brand is a great option, especially because its products are natural and cost-effective. Plus, many of its products like face wash or face creams easily are available in most of the departmental stores.

Price point: Rs 200 onwards

#2 Shahnaz Husain


Most of you may have heard of this company or even bought its products. Started by Shahnaz Husain, this cosmetic brand is commonly known for its herbal range of facial kits and hair products. In fact, they also run hair salons across the country.

These products are not very expensive and quite effective on the skin. They are also easily available in the markets. Perhaps, not in drugstores, but you can definitely buy these products online or from their franchises.

Price point: Rs 200 onwards

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#3 The Body Shop


This brand is definitely a favourite with many urban women. Known popularly for its body butters, makeup products and lip creams, it has established itself in the market as being organic, high-end and cruelty-free.

Yes, some of the products are priced high, but for the benefits they offer, they are worth the money. We would recommend that if you want to buy these luxury cruelty-freeproducts, don't just pick anything off the rack. Begin by purchasing what you need the most like a body butter or moisturiser. If it suits you then go ahead and make other purchases.

These are mostly available in their own franchise shops or in high-end cosmetic shops.

Price point: Rs 300 onwards

#4 Forest Essentials


Products from this brand is also safe and high-quality. This brand offers products for body, face, hair and wellness. Interestingly, they have divided their products based on three skin personality type-Vata, Pitta and Kapha. You can choose your product based on your skin (assessment).

You can choose from their bestsellers that include milk facial Ubtan, sandalwood and even the saffron night treatment cream and facial cleansers.

Price point: Rs 500 onwards

#5 Soul Tree


This brand primarily sells products for skin, bath and hair care. However, they also manufacture lipsticks and kajals, which are quite the rage in the market.

This brand is also known for its high-quality cruelty-freeproducts. And you can definitely add their skin smoothening products to your everyday makeup bag.

Price point: Rs 300 onwards

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Disclaimer: We are not personally recommending these products

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Deepshikha Punj

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