Acid attack victim Laxmi finally shares her daughter's picture with the world

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Born in March, Laxmi said she needed time for the baby and for themselves

She calls her little bundle of joy Pihu. For 26-year-old acid attack victim, this is her second lease of life. Laxmi, who goes by her first name has finally opted to share pictures of her daughter who is seven months old now.

Laxmi and Pihu’s father Aloke Dixit runs the Stop Acid Attack Campaign for people like her. Through the initiative, the couple has set out to empower women who have suffered throw the hands of the male apathy.

Lakshmi with babt

Laxmi with partner Aloke and daughter Pihu (Image source: Stop Acid Attacks Facebook Page)

In 2005, Laxmi was attacked with acid at a busy marketplace by a man twice her age for refusing her advances. She was 16 then.

The couple, who have been living in together, say they wanted some time to introduce their baby to the world. “For the initial 6 to 7 months, we needed time for the baby and also for us. We wanted to relax. Also, because of our busy schedule we were not able to bring ‘Pihu’ in front of the world. But we finally thought of introducing her to others,” Laxmi was quoted as saying.

“Laxmi had gone through a lot of tragedies. She lost her father and younger brother recently,” says Aloke.

The couple, however, does not believe in the institution of marriage. “We do not intend to get married because I do not believe in the institution of marriage. I believe that two people do not need a certificate to remain together in the society,” Aloke told the media.

Born in March, the cute baby girl accompanies her mother to the NGO Chaanv, the office of the Stop Acid Attack. More power to the couple and the baby!

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