Abhishek clarifies that Aaradhya is not missing school during her trips with mum!

Abhishek clarifies that Aaradhya is not missing school during her trips with mum!

After a fan asked Abhishek as to why Aaradhya misses her school so much just to travel with her mum, the angry dad shot back a strong response.

The six-year-old Aaradhya Bachchan is often seen jet-setting with her famous parents.

Whether it is accompanying mum Aishwarya to red carpet events or family functions, or dad Abhishek to his sports team playoffs; Aaradhya is clearly always on the go.

However, her globe-trotting ways haven't gone down well with some of the onlookers, who have often accused the Bachchans of robbing precious school time away from Beti B.

Fans ask why Aaradhya misses school to travel abroad!

One such incident took place again when the mother-daughter duo were recently spotted jetting out to Mangalore to attend a family wedding.

Looking at their airport photographs that quickly went viral, a Twitter follower of Abhishek's shot back and questioned Aaradhya's 'incessant' travelling.

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She reportedly tweeted to Bachchan and said that it wasn't good for Aaradhya to miss school so often.

"It was a question because she is so much traveling with her mam. Even her dad doesn’t. She goes t almost every event abroad with ash. And not always in the weekend. Come on even u should know that’s never okay to miss so much school," she tweeted.

Abhishek gives a befitting reply!

This comment didn't go down too well with the concerned father, who immediately shot back to one @shirjahan.

‘’Ma’am, as far as I know… Most schools are shut for the week-end. She goes to school on the weekdays. Maybe you should try it considering you spelling in your tweet," he tweeted back.


Given that he immediately addressed her tweet, it seems that this fan was caught unawares and she deleted her question as well as the said tweet.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to say that Aaradhya doesn't attend school or that education is not important for the Bachchan family.

In fact, at Aaradhya's annual day event, proud mum Aishwarya spoke about the importance of education and even thanked her own parents for supporting her with the same. The family is often seen cheering for Aaradhya during her school recitals as well.

Aishwarya shared why she takes Aaradhya every where!

In addition, Aishwarya also recently clarified as to why she prefers to take Aaradhya with her every time she steps out.

"I take her with me everywhere so she is a part of my multi-tasking life. I keep it as real for her as possible, and very normal. Now she is in school like any normal girl. But even when she was a toddler I’d take her to the play-park to be with other children. It becomes difficult in Mumbai. But when I’m travelling I take her out to the park . Even there, there are people who recognize us. But they are normal parents and children. Aaradhya has to have a normal life. I’ve explained to her that is my life and now she’s part of it. So she’s comfortable in it," she shared.

She also added that post her work, she goes and picks up Aaradhya from school.

"Immediately after Aaradhya’s school was over every day I’d pick her up and bring her to wherever we were shooting," shared Mrs B.

With these confessions, one thing is certain, the Bachchans do not take Aaradhya's education lightly and are in no mood to entertain such rumours.

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