Abhishek Bachchan reveals some surprising details about Aaradhya's future!

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The doting dad Abhishek Bachchan answered some very tough questions about his daughter Aaradhya. Read on to know more!

He has the most famous surname India and some formidable roles to his credit, but the only thing most dear to him is his family. By his own admission, Abhishek Bachchan is hands down a complete family man and a doting father.

So when he isn't working in film studios or on his many sports teams, he is busy spending his time with his family and especially with his daughter Aaradhya.

Yes, that's exactly what the doting dad said as he treated his fans to an interactive question and answer session on Twitter.

Abhishek picks between wife and daughter

He was thrown a volley of personal questions about his family, his wife Aishwarya Rai and even the future of his daughter Aaradhya. But true to his witty self, Abhishek gave the cutest replies to his fans.

During the interaction, among the many questions, one fan asked, "#AskAB Hi AB !If given a break to play with either your mom or your dad or Ash, whom will you pick and why? Miss seeing you in good movie."

To which Abhishek had the cutest reply!

If you though he chose his parents of his wife, you'd be wrong! Because he would love to spend his breaks with his darling daughter Aaradhya, who recently turned five. He said, "Ahem! Ok. Tough question. I'll probably end up playing with Aaradhya."

Next up was a choice between his wife and his daughter. A fan asked, "Aaradhya or Aishwarya whom do you love more?"

Abhishek describes the best day in his life

He replied to this trick question by saying, "I love both of them equally. You can't choose between your wife and your daughter. So I love both equally."

When asked which was the best day of his life, he replied like the doting father he is and said that Aaradhya's birth made that day the best day of his life!

One of the fans even asked him about Aaradhya standard to which he replied "Aaradhya is in Lower Kindergarten." Another fan asked him what he found to be Aaradhya's best habit and the Yuva star said that when he or wife Aishwarya come back home after days of shoot, Aaradhya gives the best hugs!

But that's not all he had to say about his darling daughter.

Continue reading to see Abhishek innocently revealing Aaradhya's future profession!

Abhishek's vision for daughter's future

During this candid interaction where thousands of his fans took the opportunity to ask him personal questions, one fan decided to ask something interesting about Beti B's future plans.

The question was if he would like his daughter to continue the 'Bachchan trend' by being in the film industry. And as expected, he gave an truly earnest reply; one which only a father can give.

He said: "I would like my daughter to do whatever she chooses to do and whatever she loves to do. As a kid, I was told to do what made me happy and I want her to do what makes her happy. Whatever it is I will be happy."

The interaction made it amply clear that Bachchan is a family man and he absolutely dotes on his daughter. But that's not the only role he wants people to remember him by.

Abhishek wants people to remember him as...

During the interaction a fan asked him to describe what he wants to be remembered as and Abhishek has a truly inspirational answer!

He said: "I think it's a very important question that everybody should ask themselves. I want to be remembered as a good person. I think that's the most important. Films will come and go, all that comes and goes, success failure comes and goes, what's important is that you should be remembered as a good person, good human being."

Well said, Abhi!

This interaction certainly sheds more light into how Abhishek is as a father and how much he loves his daughter. In fact, studies have proved that fathers can influence a daughter's future decisions including her academics as well as her love life.

How fathers impact the lives of their daughters

  • Empowerment: Fathers play an important role in empowering their daughters. Science has also proved that a well-structured and supportive home environment characterised by a loving father can "influence a woman's social cognisance." This means that they are able to share their problems easily and empower themselves with more knowledge.
  • Management of perception: A father's supportive role in his daughter's life can help her boost her confidence and remain healthy. When a daughter sees her father's involvement in her life, she feels safer and ready to take on the world, plus she has a higher self-esteem.
  • Set relationship goals: The father's relationship with the mother plays a significant role in identifying relationship goals, especially for young girls. A positive relationship helps them to look for similarly connected and strengthened relationships of her own.

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