Aww! Aaradhya had a special V-Day date with her daadaji sans mum Aishwarya

Aww! Aaradhya had a special V-Day date with her daadaji sans mum Aishwarya

What Aaradhya did on the date will surprise you as much as it surprised her daadaji

When it comes to cheesy holidays like the Valentine's Day, trust the celebrities to set the precedence. Cakes, gifts, balloons and the works. But the Bachchan family is not like other celebrities. They set the precedence in a different way.

Take for instance, the interesting series of events that occurred on V-Day, which the Bachchan patriarch documented meticulously on his blog.

The doting daadaji took his 'most beautiful granddaughter' out for a Pizza date on her insistence and what happened next will leave you amazed. In fact, what Aaradhya did on the date will surprise you as much as it surprised Big B.

Aaradhya's V-date with Big B

He took to his blog and wrote, "The grand daughter here at home, has most politely expressed a desire to eat a Pizza at an Italian restaurant .. and there is a flurry of activity to make her desire .. we just did ..."

But this was just the beginning.

The doting daadaji wrote that once at the restaurant, Aaradhya was a picture of perfection with her table etiquette in place and she wasn't shy of giving the order by herself and was all grown up about it.

Bachchan explained, "Miss Aradhaya has quietly and in most dignified manner, sat at her table, spread the napkin across her legs, ordered the menu by drawing the attention of the waiter .. giving instructions of just how crisp she wanted her Pizza to be..."

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Once her order arrived, she displayed another sign of growing up too soon and of her affable personality by not only thanking the bus boy, but also wishing him.

"...and when it has arrived has most politely turned to the waitress, thanked her for the dish and then .. ‘wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day ..’ musically departs her tender lips, as she settles in to devour her favourite..." he wrote.

But while her mannerism may not have taken the Bachchan patriarch back, given how well they have brought up their own kids, what surprised him was what happened next.

What happened next stunned Big B

Son after "devouring" her pizza and returning home, Big B asked her to thank him for taking her out. But her reply surprised at how mature and forthcoming she has become.

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Bachcahn wrote, "Deed over she has desired her Dada ji to drive her back home, which he willingly does and on getting home when other family ask her to thank me for taking her out, goes quiet and puts on a sulk ..

Why .. ?

She replies, “I should not thank all, all must thank me for it was I that suggested we must go out for dinner” ..”

"She is 5 .. with an additional 0 .. 50 !!

Hmm .. a point .. and complied with .. a smile .. and off to bed ..

Me too ...," he added.

That certainly clears one thing about Aaradhya, which is that while she is extremely well-mannered, she's a young girl who is also opinionated and isn't afraid to speak her mind. This quality is a reflection of not only how well her parents are bringing her up, but also how much her grandparents value her opinions.

That's perhaps why, this family is a great example of how grandparents can positively influence a child's personality development.

4 ways grandparents positively influence a child

  • Can teach kids to have an emotional connection: While parents provide emotional support to their kids and may not want to have the grandparents babysit their children, it is the emotional connect that a child learns from his/her grandparents that no nanny or teacher cannot provide.
  • Can teach kids to be more relaxed: Having seen so much of the world and with a lifetime of experience behind them, grandparents do not sweat the small stuff. And, this 'cool' attitude can only be passed on from a grandparent to his/her grandchild. Grandparents can lend a wider view of things, which can help kids solve many problems.
  • Can teach the kids value of time: Perhaps one of the best things about having a grandparent is the amount of time they are willing and happy to invest in their grandchild and teach them the same. While most working parents work hard to make ends meet, their kids can be looked after lovingly by their grandparents, if they so desire. This means that they kids grow up in a loving family environment.
  • Can teach the kids about the 'cool' family stories: Parents might not know everything about their family, but the grandparents do. They often have humourous stories to narrate and that sometimes may include the parents. These light-hearted banters can go a long way in forging close relationship between extended families. Again, something only grandparents can do!

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