Nanny reveals: Aaradhya Bachchan had a strange night-time sleeping routine!

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Aaradhya Bachchan not only had a strange night-time sleeping routine she also loved doing a peculiar activity at the time. Read on to know.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the most famous face in the world. She is such a well-known personality that even US television star Oprah Winfrey couldn't help herself and called Aishwarya 'more famous than Hollywood royalty Angelina Jolie.'

She is also possibly the richest woman in B-town, and it's not a mystery that she can literally afford any luxury she needs, including a nanny for her five-year-old daughter Aaradhya.

And, she did.

Yes, as hands-on as Aishwarya really is, she is also a working mum whose daughter now attends school. So naturally, she also needs a little help if not much.

Aaradhya gave sleepless nights to her family

And it looks like this particular nanny knows quite a lot about the most famous granddaughter of India and is spilling the beans on the one thing Aaradhya did that kept her entire family up all night.

And while Aaradhya has got over THIS problem now, she gave sleepless nights to her parents and family members till sometime back.

A leading entertainment portal revealed that Aaradhya's nanny has been complaining about a so-called 'bad' health habit she has acquired.

Reportedly, Aaradhya sleeps very late at night and is awake till the wee hours, sometimes even till 3 am. She also apparently loves to keep everybody else awake since she perhaps wants to play with her family members.

Aaradhya has a peculiar filmy habit

The nanny also made another startling observation about her favourite habit in the night and how she insists on it every time.

The help also shared that while Aaradhya is very well-mannered and does not cry, she loves to listen to music at night and doesn't sleep till she is exhausted.

By the looks of this revelation made sometime back, it is clear that Aishwarya was trying to set a napping schedule for Aaradhya and allowed her to stay up so she could sleep for a longer time. But it seems now that may not be an issue for the gorgeous mum since Aaradhya now goes to school.

However, that is just one of the many ways mums can set a napping schedule for their babies. Here's how you can set a napping schedule for your kid too.

How to set napping schedule for your kid

Babies who are over one year often sleep once during the day for two to three hours. They develop a routine sleeping schedule and continue taking afternoon naps way until their fourth or fifth year.

  • Spotting sleepiness: If you spot your baby yawning, rubbing his eyes or crying, know that it’s time for his shut-eye. Some babies may also act hyper or clumsy.
  • Know that your baby would sleep a lot: As babies get older, they may sleep less and finally develop a habit of sleeping through the night.
  • Stretch out nap-time: If your baby has been taking short naps throughout the day, encourage him to sleep for a longer duration by keeping him up. Try to stretch the nap-time to two to three hours. Do this each day and your baby will develop a stretched sleeping time. This will also benefit you in the long run.

For more, read: 7 golden rules to ace an effective baby napping schedule

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