Aamir Khan attends ex-wife Reena Dutta’s 50th birthday

Aamir Khan attends ex-wife Reena Dutta’s 50th birthday

Aamir Khan shows us how to be the perfect ex-husband!!

Trust Aamir Khan to do everything in perfection. And the same applies to his relationships too. Late last night superstar took out time from his jam-packed schedule to ring in wife Reena Datta’s 50th birthday.

In what looked like a small house party with friends and family, Aamir was seen in attendance along with his current wife Kiran Rao as Reena cut a small birthday cake.

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According to reports, the surprise 50th birthday party was organized by Aamir and Reena’s children Ira and Junaid. It was both the kids who invited their dad to be a part of the celebrations. Aamir who has been very gracious in his relationship even though it ended more than a decade ago compiled by being there at the party.

It may be noted that Aamir Khan and his ex-wife Reena have remained in the most cordial terms but what may also be considered commendable is the fact that even Aamir’s current wife Kiran Rao gets along well with the family and she’s often seen hanging out with Aamir’s ex-wife and children from first marriage.

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Aamir is busy promoting his next film Secret Superstar these days and has been travelling extensively for the same. He recently returned from Turkey and was said to have rearranged his schedule to be with his family.



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The ex-family vibes

What is interesting is that it’s not just Aamir but even his ex-wife Reena who follows this family tradition of being together on important occasions.

A few months ago, in March on Aamir’s birthday wife, Reena along with kids Ira and Junaid was seen attending the midnight bash thrown at Aamir’s residence.

Along with Aamir’s family his Dangal co-stars Sakshi Tanwar and Fatima Sana Shaikh were also seen. Not only this Aamir had also invited the entire Phogat clan for his birthday party on whose life he had based his hit film Dangal.

Praises for his ex-wife

Despite parting ways his decades-long marriage with wife Reena Datta, Aamir has always maintained a very strong bond with her. He has always given her due recognition for the efforts and contributions in his life.

A few years ago talking to Karan Johar on a TV show he had admitted that his landmark film Lagaan was not possible had ex-wife Reena not being there. He gave due credit to her hard work for the completion and success of Lagaan to his ex-wife.

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Current wife, Kiran Rao who was present with Aamir at the show too nodded her head in support of her husband’s views. This and many other gestures too in the past have indicated that Aamir’s family have been able to achieve that cordial transition from being a couple to ex-couple and we are sure the credit for it must go to each one of them.

How to maintain relations with your ex-spouse


1.Give time to heal: When relationships go bust, it can be one of the worst feelings on earth. But the better way to deal with a relationship gone bad is not to brood and blame and your ex-partner but to admit that things weren’t meant to be and try to negate any bad blood.

It may seem difficult in the beginning but you can go through this transition by first perhaps maintaining a safe distance so that you can let your anger cool down.

Once some time has gone by and your raging emotions are tamed little bit think of being cordial on important occasions. Wishing your ex-partner happy birthday only shows that despite what transpired you still respect the happy times that you had with each other.

2.When kids are involved: Often kids become scapegoats in a relationship between parents that has gone wrong. Remember that the kids’ are losing out on so many family moments because of no fault of theirs. For the sake of the kids there is no harm in coming together on important days and celebrating it like a family.

You can also involve your ex-partner in important decisions regarding your kids’ such as their education and career and even smaller things such as their first out of station trip with friends etc.

3. Do not bring up the past: Never ever in front of the kids and if possible never alone too. Once you decided to part ways somewhere down the line you admitted that the damage one to your relationship was irreparable and no amount of counseling or complaining could bring the things back on the track.

If that could not be done then, there is no point in dragging the matter now which will only leave you feeling bitter.

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