A self defense kick-start for kids

A self defense kick-start for kids

Choosing taekwondo as an alternate sport for children can help increase their concentration, instill discipline and improve self defense tactics

Kids enjoy action and it almost seems like second nature to them. More the vigor, the better it is. And why not? They are explorers and should be allowed to run wild before the grip of our education system tightens around their schedules. So how about introducing your bundle of energy to taekwondo, a fun and relatively new form of martial arts?


One of the earliest forms of martial arts, the origin of taekwondo can be traced back to centuries and is known to instill values of discipline, focus and dedication among students. It is supposed to be the perfect alternative for kids who find it hard to keep up with a team.

Interestingly, this is not just a sport for kids. Mummies can also partner up with their kids and reap the benefits of this martial art.

Bhavya Ajay, a stay-at-home mom, swears by the positive effects that taekwondo has brought in her life. "I am a fighter and practicing taekwondo is strangely calming. It is like a vent for my frustrations and has inculcated values of discipline and patience which are very handy when I am dealing with my son, Tejas," says Bhavya.

Would she encourage Tejas to learn this off beat self defense sport as well? "I have already started to let him tag along with me to my classes and he seems to enjoy it. As soon as he is old enough to follow instructions, I’ll have him enrolled as well," says Bhavya. What's more, she has also convinced her husband to learn this sport because a family that taekwondo’s together, stays together!


Aseem Singh Sodhi, taekwondo master and coach, confirms that it is the only martial art which is considered a sport and is recognized by the government. It not only improves concentration but also increases flexibility, develops stamina, and self defense tactics. Aseem conducts classes for children in his academy and is the 6th Common Wealth Taekwondo Championship selected athlete himself. He believes that taekwondo is definitely a sport to watch out for and that only when kids are exposed to new arts will there be an increase in opportunities.

Why should you consider taekwondo as a sports alternative for your child?

  • Taekwondo inculcates a deep sense of self discipline in students.
  • It helps to bring out the child's strength and also teaches him to overcome his weaknesses.
  • Your child learns self defense tactics which are need of the hour.
  • While taking on an opponent, the child learns to strategize. This works towards rapid development of the mind.

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Written by

Geeta Masurekar

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