OMG! Real-life Indian 'Mowgli girl' who was allegedly raised by monkeys found in UP

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The Mowgli girl cannot speak or understand the human language, walks on all fours and screeches like animals

We’ve all read Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. It follows the fictional story of Mowgli, a young boy lost by his parents in the jungle and raised by the wolfs. At the time the story seemed far-fetched because how can a human be raised by animals?

But it seems now that this is not only possible, it is very much a reality. Yes, you read that right!

Real-life Indian Mowgli

In a story that seems straight out of Kipling’s book, an eight-year-old girl was reportedly ‘rescued’ by villagers when they saw her near Uttar Pradesh’s Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. She was spotted near the sanctuary’s Motipur range by villagers and brought to a nearby hospital.

Interestingly, just like in the book, when the villagers tried to rescue this girl from the monkeys, they displayed stiff resistance and did not allow him to touch the girl. In fact, their numbers reportedly increased when they saw humans trying to take the girl away.

However, the villagers were quick to inform the police who came and took the injured and naked girl to the hospital.

Mowgli girl is almost like an animal

Now dubbed as the ‘Mowgli Girl’ by hospital workers and the police, this eight-year-old walked on all fours when she was first brought in.

Possibly raised by monkeys, since she was found sitting comfortably next to them, she cannot even speak or understand the human language.

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Doctors also shared that when she was first brought to the hospital, she couldn’t even eat with her hands. She would throw the food on floor, only to pounce on it with her mouth.

The police informed the media that her rescue was not easy and she had many wounds on her body. “She had wounds on her body. Our priority is to give her proper medical care and look for her parents,” said the additional superintendent of police, Dinesh Tripathi.

The police added that the girl looked extremely weak and hungry and there was a possibility that she was abandoned by her parents only to be brought up by monkeys.

Doctors say that she is learning human behaviour fast

The chief medical superintendent, DK Singh, who is currently treating the girl revealed that she screeches like monkeys instead of talking and seems to have spent many years in the jungle.

“She was unable to communicate or understood any language. She has spent many years with animals and, so, behaved like them,” he said, adding, “Now she understands signals and is able to identify the ward boy, nurse and other medical staff. It seems the girl had been abandoned in the forest area at an early age.”

OMG! Real-life Indian 'Mowgli girl' who was allegedly raised by monkeys found in UP

They also stated that she is able to understand hand signs and is fast adapting to human environment. It has been two months since she was found abandoned, and while she has come a long way, there is a lot for her to learn.

Mowgli girls’ story once again brings to the fore the inhuman desire to abandon a girl child. It seems Indian are still fixated with their fascination for boys and think very low of girls.

New twist in the story!

Although initially the ‘Mowgli girl’ was thought to be raised in the jungle, the police are now refuting the claims. In a report by a daily, it was suggested that the girl who has now been named ‘Ehasaas’ is actually suffering from a mental illness.

She has now been shifted to the Child Welfare Committee, Bahraich.

“She will be made to live with other children. We have been watching her for two months, but it was for the first time we saw her laughing. She was happy to see children of her kind. We were amazed by her behaviour,” shared Arun Chaudhary, a volunteer of Bahraich Childline.

Indians still want boys and ready to abandon girls!

This notion was recently proved when a report by the India Human Development Survey (IHDS), revealed that most Indian parents still prefer boys. The survey, found that a large percentage of Indians wanted at least one daughter.

  • About 73 percent of those surveyed expressed their desire to ideally have one daughter
  • Almost 11 percent of participants said they should ideally have two daughters
  • As many many as 60 percent of those surveyed said they ideally wanted one son

The survey is a small way to identify the social stigma associated with having and living with a daughter, a reality India still lives with even in this age.

Watch the video to see how the girl behaves and is learning from those around her.

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