A Great Alternative to the Dentist's Scary Drill

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It is really hard to bring kids to the dentist. Just the mention of a visit to the teeth doctor is sure to send them scampering away. Mainly, it's because of the dentist's scary drill. But a new technology is sure to make dental visit less scary.

A Great Alternative to the Dentist's Scary Drill
How does your little one react when you say the word "dentist"? If he's like most kids, then I can imagine that he runs as far away from you for fear of meeting the man (or the woman) with the scary drill. I know how hard it is to bring kids to the dentist. But then, it's totally understandable. I used to be very scared when my mother started to suggest that it's time for me to have a dental check up.

Well, here's good news for kids and parents. A new technology using plasma jets allows dentists to remove tooth decay more effectively and less painfully. This technology is definitely a great alternative to the dentist's scary and traumatic drill.

Unfortunately, plasma technology is still in the research and development process. So we still have to wait years before it becomes available in the market. So in the meantime, just try to think of more creative ways to coax your little ones into visiting the dentist. Do you have tried and tested strategies that you can share with other parents?

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Janki Mahadevan

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