A Bangalore-based company has introduced a technology that could prevent infant blindness

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Almost 10 percent of babies who develop this condition can be rendered visually impaired within two months, if this is left untreated

Did you know that every year, approximately 1 lakh premature babies who suffer from blindness can be cured within a month? Yes, it came as a surprise to everybody when a Bangalore-based company revealed that they had the technology to make this possible.

Blindness in infants

Reportedly, the leading cause of blindness in infants across the world including India is Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Almost 10 percent of babies who develop this condition can be rendered visually impaired within two months, if this is left untreated.

However, with a disruptive technology Forus Health Company, Bangalore, seems to have found the solution. With a mission to eradicate preventable blindness through the use of technology, the company announced the launch of 3nethro NEO.

This is in collaboration with Narayayana Nethralaya, its ROP screening camera. This, they claim could potentially save 3.5 million babies from going blind by simply screening and treating the condition early on.

Why use this technology?

The company claims that it is an affordable and accessible ROP treatment technology. It also enables remote diagnosis thanks to its integrated telemedicine platform.

Professor R.V Azad, former chief of RP Centre, New Delhi, spoke to the daily and said, "ROP has become an epidemic of childhood blindness in India. We need affordable tools to detect the disease at the early stage to prevent blindness. Being affordable, low cost infant cameras like the Neo will enhance the accessibility of ROP screening in remote areas in the country."

While this technology seems like a ray of hope for many parents with premature babies. However, if your baby is a few months, it is far difficult to spot visual impairments, but there are a few things you can do check their vision.

How to identify vision problem in babies?

  • Your baby's eyes don't move simultaneously, and do not look normally aligned
  • Your baby is older than a month and bright lights or visible distractions don't catch his attention
  • You can notice an unusual white spot in his/her eyes, which is unlike a red eye
  • Your baby's eyes don't open properly and he/she keeps rubbing the eyes
  • Your baby is sensitive to bright lights and starts crying when sees something bright
  • Your baby's eyes don't follow a toy or a moving object as they should

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