9 Things that couples argue about, and how you can avoid them

9 Things that couples argue about, and how you can avoid them

Fights are normal in any marriage, but of course, it's always best to try and avoid any conflict in your marriage as much as possible.

Fights are inevitable in any marriage. However, you should never let a fight or an argument get in the way of your marriage since with a little bit of patience, time, and understanding, you'll eventually figure out how to settle your problems in a calm way.

1. Money problems

Money is something that a lot of couples fight about. Before even getting married, it's important for couples to discuss how they will be handling their money, and who gets to decide what to spend their money on. Couples also need to both agree on their financial decisions. That way, both of them are on the same page when it comes to handling their money.

2. Intimacy issues

For some couples who've been together for a long time, intimacy might be something that's on the decline. It's always important for married couples to be close, and to spend some alone time together. Just because you're married doesn't mean that you should stop trying to make your spouse fall in love with you, so romance should always be a constant in your marriage.

3. Being apart for long periods of time

These days, some couples find it hard to be with one another, not because they have a long-distance relationship, but because they're constantly busy or their work is getting in the way of their marriage. Couples need to make time for each other since spending time with one another can help keep the fire of your romance burning.

4. Not talking enough

Even if you spend time together, are you actually communicating with one another? Sharing your experiences and talking to your spouse is important in your marriage, as good communication can help prevent misunderstandings and arguments in your marriage.

5. Not expressing how you feel

Communicating is more than just talking to your spouse, you also have to let your spouse know how you feel about certain things. Sometimes people keep their feelings locked up inside, and eventually, their problems start to build up and can then cause some problems in their marriage.

If you feel that you need to tell something to your spouse, then you should. It's best to deal with any issues or problems you might have in your marriage instead of just keeping it bottled up.

6. Being unfair when it comes to chores

Chores are something that both the husband and wife should do. Gone are the days that only women do the chores; these days chores should be shared equally and there's nothing sweeter than seeing a husband wash the dishes, iron the clothes, or do the laundry.

7. Sleeping habits

Yup, sleeping habits can sometimes cause problems for couples, especially if their sleeping habits don't match. As much as possible, it's good to sleep at the same time as your spouse, since it's a time when the both of you can be intimate, and a moment for you to bond as a couple.

8. Unresolved problems

Problems should always be solved in a marriage. Letting problems go, or just forgetting those issues can lead to even bigger problems down the road. It's best to face them head on, and as a couple.

9. Sexual concerns

Lastly, sexual concerns are actually more common than you think. Some people might have trouble telling their spouse their needs in bed, or they might have performance anxiety that can leave their sexual life less than spectacular.

It's important for couples to communicate, and be open with one another, especially when it comes to these things. There are sex counselors and relationship counselors that can help provide sound advice if you're having any problems in bed.

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Jan Alwyn

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