8 important lessons older mothers have for younger mums

8 important lessons older mothers have for younger mums

They say wisdom comes with age, so it only makes sense that an older mother would have amazingly wise words for young mums! Find out more here!

They say that wisdom comes with age, so it only makes sense that an older mother would be one of the wisest souls you could ever encounter. That doubles if we're talking about a younger mummy seeking out advice from an older mother.

Not only has an older mum walked a mile in their younger counterpart's shoes, but they have new and interesting insight that may not have ever crossed a younger mum's mind.

Surely, mums, your mother or some other wiser, senior mother has some words of wisdom for you. Whether they be lighthearted words that can help you get through a particularly draining day, or constructive criticisms that can help you improve your parenting skills all together, they're invaluable observations cannot be overlooked.

Today we'll be taking a look at some of the best lessons and wise words that older mothers would care to share with younger mums and why. Take a look at the best advice these tenured, aged, experienced mums have to share:

1. Let it go

No matter what facet of your life you're looking at, sometimes it's best to let things go. From time to time, it's healthier and better for your soul to adopt a more carefree approach.

That means quit obsessing over completing each and every daily task all the time. Your kid's childhood, while seemingly lasting a lifetime, is actually fleeting and if you don't take the time to smell the roses along the way, you'll have squandered the glory years. You only get one chance to live out these years and you should learn to be more relaxed during these years.


2. Stop comparing

The competitive nature in all of us leads us to draw comparisons (for better or worse) to our peers. One thing older mums want to share with younger mothers is that there's no need to feel less than or greater than your fellow mothers.

Each mum is beautiful, unique, and talented in her own right and spending time comparing and contrasting inconsequential details is time and effort you'll never get back.

3. You'll never be the perfect mum

Older mothers understand that any attempt to be the perfect mum is a fruitless endeavor. That's because older mums know that the perfect mum--doesn't exist. There's no one size fits all formula for being a good mother to your own family. Each and every family is different and requires their own special blend of motherly needs.

So, the best any mum can do is be the perfect mum for her own family. But, while it's important to be the best you can be for your family, understand that it's important to make mistakes along the way.

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4. Children need space

Sometimes a little space goes a long way. Kids need nurturing, structure, and stability. However, they also need to be able to figure things out themselves, and they also need the space to develop their sense of identity.

Another important thing older mums want to share with young mothers, is that while you should hold your babies near and dear, you have to let them grow on their own in other ways.

5. Express your love to your kids

For any older mum who worked during the formative years (or any years) of their kids' childhood, one thing that they can't say enough is that younger mums should be expressing their love as often as possible.

Obviously, some parents are going to have to deal with balancing their work life and their family life. There's nothing wrong with that, but just don't forget to spend time and tell your kids you love them while figuring out the perfect balance.

Younger mums should work to create more special moments and unique memories with their kids, because, in the end, your kids are only kids for a short while.

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6. Don't feel guilty

As mentioned in the last entry, some parents have to deal with the struggle of balancing work life and family life. Don't ever let that have you feeling guilty at the end of the day. Different families have a different structure, and if yours requires you to pursue your career or work to provide for your family, you should never feel guilty.

As long as you work towards finding the perfect balance that allows you to stay closely attached and loving towards your family, you never need to feel bad about your particular style of parenting.

7. Actively assist your child's learning

Most schools and teachers are great, but a child's education is partially the responsibility of a parent. Older mums know life gets busy, but if you can, volunteer at the school or be present at activities because it makes a big difference for your kids.

8. Don't forget to take care of yourself

Mums have the tendency to put others far beyond themselves. It's only natural, but it's important that along the way, you don't completely forget to take care of yourself. Older mums know that if you can't take care of yourself, you'll have troubles taking care of your family. Pamper yourself and indulge in me-time whenever you can, young mummies!

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