8 Coconut oil hacks we BET you never knew!

8 Coconut oil hacks we BET you never knew!

Did you know that coconut oil is becoming the next big thing in the west? Read on to find out 8 cool uses of coconut oil that you might have not known!

Coconut oil has been an integral part of my life ever since I can remember! If we stumbled, bled, or cracked our skin, this blue bottle was something my daadi turned to! It has a million uses in cooking and skin conditioning, however, there are some lesser known uses of this elixir that need to be explored!

Here are eight ways you can use coconut oil we bet you never knew!

1# Frosting

We all love cakes, but did you know that the coconut oil could be used in making frosting? Freeze some coconut oil and this recipe would be done in a jiffy!

This is ideal to top up muffins and your kids would love it! What more, it is completely vegetarian!

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2# Coffee

Did you ever imagine that coconut oil could be used in a coffee? Yes! This is a rage in the west, and it has been attributed with properties that would keep you healthy and fit. Some even claim that it helps to lose weight.

We don't know about that, but it sure does taste delicious!

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3# Insect repellant

Did you know that you can use this amazing oil to make your own insect repellent? It is simple! Add 5 ml of tea tree oil to 100 ml of coconut oil. Mix well and refrigerate.

coconut oil

You can apply this thickened creamy mixture to your exposed parts during sleep. It will keep the mosquitos at bay. (Mosquito nets are the best bet against insect bites though)

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4# Camphor oil

Do you have elders at your home who complain of aches? Camphor oil is a good remedy for those aching joints. It is also useful to relieve the symptoms of cold and cough! Camphor dissolved in coconut oil works very well!

Remember, this is not a substitute for medical advice. Do seek one in case the pain is chronic.

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5# Vanilla lip balm

Don't you find the commercial lip balms too artificial? The list of added compounds to it is endless, and you are left wondering if you should use it!

Here is a quick fix. Add a pod of vanilla to warm coconut oil. let the oil cool down and refrigerate the mixture. You can use this awesome lip balm without worry!

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6# Cracked heels


Do you have cracked heels? The commercially available creams are not often useful. This is a simple home remedy for it.

  1. Refrigerate some coconut oil.
  2. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes
  3. Apply a pumice stone to remove the dead skin
  4. Dry the feet
  5. Apply the solidified oil liberally to the cracked skin before going to sleep
  6. Wear clean socks over the feet
  7. Go to sleep!

When you wake up. you will see the difference! Do this every night to maintain soft and beautiful heels!

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7# Pre-shaving conditioner


Well, not all women like to wax. Shaving is an easy alternative for women who do not wear skirts that often. But the shaving process leaves the skin dry and flaky!

Here is a three-step process for baby-soft arms and legs!

  1. Apply coconut oil to the arms and legs
  2. Take a hot bath!
  3. Shave withing 10 minutes of the shower

Experience the difference yourself!

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8# Avoid stretch marks

Coconut oil can be used along with tea tree oil to avoid stretch marks. If you see some appear, apply this concoction liberally and daily. If you are pregnant, apply this on your tummy and side handles.


You won't get stretch marks if you use this!

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Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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