8 beauty benefits of Argan oil that will make you naturally gorgeous

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Make this timeless beauty essential a part of your daily regimen to be naturally luminous from head to toe! Here are eight beauty benefits of Argan oil

Though it became one of the trendiest natural beauty essentials a few years back, Argan oil has been a staple in Moroccan culture for centuries. Thanks to its endless benefits, it’s become one the most popular ways to treat puffy eyes, tame split ends, and regimen for glowing skin.

Here are just eight great beauty benefits of Argan oil that will keep you naturally luminous!

Argan oil is the ultimate eye cream

Use it as an under eye serum during the day to help smooth out lines before applying your makeup.


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It keeps your lips looking youthful

Hydration is important to maintain youthful looking lips. So, keep your lips moisturised with an Argan oil-infused lip balm. It also makes a great primer before you apply your lipstick.

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It keeps your hair soft and silky

Split ends and dry hair can make you look older and haggard; make a DIY hot oil treatment using argan oil. Since it’s a dry oil, it’ll absorb quickly so greasy locks won’t be a problem.

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It creates the ultimate dewy glow

Use a few drops on a blending sponge and apply onto your face for more youthful skin.


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Use as a highlighter

Dab on your cheekbones, eyelids, and cupid’s bow for that extra luminous look!

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It makes your skin soft

While your skin is damp after showering, apply and pat dry to make your skin more supple.


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It refreshes your manicure

If you have dry and flaking cuticles, apply a small dab of Argan oil to help smooth them out!


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Your feet will love it

If you have rough feet, apply Argan oil and cover with socks. Leave them on for about an hour.

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screengrab: Youtube

Watch the full tutorial by Popsugar below.

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