The 7 worst things you can do in your marriage

The 7 worst things you can do in your marriage

Doing any of these 7 things can potentially ruin your marriage, and sometimes cause irreparable damage to you and your spouse's relationship.

1. Being too indulgent

Even if you and your spouse earn enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle, it's still important to be wise about spending your money, and not spend it just because you can.

You need to remember that in a marriage, your number 1 priority is no longer yourself, but your family. So before making any major purchases, ask yourself: are you doing this for your family, or for your own personal needs?

2. Cheating on your spouse

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Cheating on your spouse is a no-no, and not only does it destroy marriages, it also destroys lives as well, especially if you have a wife and kids.

3. Being too selfish

Being married means that you're dedicating your life to your spouse as well as to your family. This means that being selfish, or only thinking of yourself, has no place in a marriage.

Parents make a lot of sacrifices for their kids, even if sometimes it means that they have to put off their own interests. It's just one of the responsibilities of being a parent.

4. Thinking you're better than your spouse

Being proud of your achievements and your skill is okay, and is something that makes you feel good. However, too much pride to the point that you think you're better than your spouse, is a bad thing.

You and your spouse are equals, and you shouldn't think that your spouse is lower than you, or deserves any less respect.

5. Being too negative

Too much negative thinking doesn't do anyone any good. Negative thoughts only serve to make you feel paranoid and make you lose trust in your spouse, and in your marriage.

Always remember to look on the bright side of things, and be thankful that you have a family that is there for you and who will support you no matter what.

6. Fighting all the time

Arguments are normal in any marriage. What's not normal is arguing too much to the point that it's already become a daily habit.

Couples should do their best to not make discussions escalate into full-blown arguments or fights since it can take a toll on your marriage. Too much fighting can stress you out, and put a severe strain on your relationship. Sometimes it can even be a factor as to why some people cheat in their marriage.

7. Being too lazy

Laziness has no place in a marriage, especially if you have a family. Married couples need to work hard not just to support their family, but to also take care of the kids, manage their household, and take care of their marriage.

It might sound like a lot of responsibilities, but once you see how happy your family is, it makes all the hard work worthwhile!


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Jan Alwyn

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