7 white lies we tell our kids

7 white lies we tell our kids

Parents lie for a variety of reasons. Read a funny take on what lies parents usually say and the actual facts behind them.

white lies

We all tell our little fibs

Okay, let’s admit it, parents are a dishonest bunch. We are all guilty of little white lies that we freely say to our kids, on an everyday basis. On the facade, we might continually impress on the virtue of honesty. But the truth is, we lie.

Yes, we have our reasons for them. They may be to avoid an argument, or an embarrassing question. Sometimes, they may be used just to retain our sanity.

Now before you think, “how hypocritical!” note that we talk about withholding certain truths from children who do not know how to deal with facts, yet. Soon, we will learn to respect our kid’s reasoning ability and we can let them into hard truths. Let’s start soon, as kids grow fast!

Here is a light hearted take on some white lies parents say (and get away with) and the underlying truths.

Lie 1: The TV has gone to sleep. Cartoons need their rest, too.

white lies

Enough already, kid

Truth: You want to put an end to your kid’s TV time, and make him focus on other skills. Such as playing outdoors or colouring.

Lie 2: The injection won’t hurt at all!

white lies

Ouch! That DID hurt

Truth: We hate our kids getting the jab too, but we can’t help use this lie. Next time, we could provide adequate distraction and appreciate him for being such a brave boy.

Lie 3: Mummy has eyes at the back of her head.

white lies

Oh really?

Truth: Of course, we don’t. But we wish we had.

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Lie 4: If you do not sleep at once, then the monster/boogey man/police will come.

white lies

Now I sleep, now I don’t

Truth: We are tried after a long day, and the kid just doesn’t even look sleepy. Maybe we should just cut down on sugar after 7pm.

Lie 5: If you make your face like that, it will freeze that way forever.

white lies

I am angry and I know it!

Truth: We want to stop the kid from misbehaving. Maybe next time, you try saying how beautiful she looks without that face.

Lie 6: This is super delicious food! Eat it.

white lies

This is not gourmet

Truth: It is tough to negotiate with a picky eater. We want to try our best to ensure he eats!

Lie 7: Your chocolates? The doggy ate them.

white lies

Gimme my chocolates back!

Truth: Kids are tough negotiators when it comes to sweets. And you know the kids wont take no for an answer.

Which white lies are you guilty of? Share in our Comment box below.

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Written by

Preeti Athri

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