7 vows every mum-in-law should make to her daughter-in-law

7 vows every mum-in-law should make to her daughter-in-law

When you marry somebody, you not only swear love to your partner but also to his family. So it's only natural they take some vows for you too

When a couple begins a new life together, they take seven sacred vows of happiness and prosperity. And, it is these seven vows or saptadi that form the bedrock of their marriage.

But the reality is that when you marry somebody, you not only swear loyalty and love to your partner but also to his family. Your in-laws become an integral part of your life and your husband now shares his bond of love with you and his mother.

In the blog Mychocopie, the writer asks shouldn't you and her exchange some vows to make this relationship beautiful and successful?

Here are 7 vows that every mum-in-law should gift her daughter-in-law.

#1 I will pray that you have a healthy relationship


Dear daughter, even though I haven't given birth to you, I will love you like my daughter. I will always encourage you and my son to have a healthy, prosperous and long-lasting marriage. I want you both to succeed in your married life and always be true to each other. My blessings are always with you both.

#2 I will be the wind beneath your wings


Dear daughter, I will support you in all your endeavours and encourage to follow your dreams. I will act as the wind beneath your wing. Although, I am the mother of your beloved husband, and I know I have a special place in his heart, I will set you both free to build your own nest. I believe that you will both respect my feelings.

#3 I will help you solve difficult problems


Dear daughter, no matter what problems you may encounter in life or in your marriage, I will help you sort them. I understand that working a marriage can be difficult and it is not a bed of roses. You will experience lows and highs in your married life. I promise that I will lend a patience ear and love to you in difficult times and make sure you rise above like a star.

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#4 I will truly appreciate your efforts


Dear daughter, I gave birth to my son and know his positives and negatives. So I know that he is not all that perfect, but he will try to make you feel comfortable and always support you. And I know that you will also try to adjust to this new place and new people to the best of your ability. I promise that I will support you and always make you feel a part of the family and appreciate your efforts.

#5 I will accept you for who you are


Dear daughter, like my son and daughter, you too have been brought up with certain values. I am aware that you left your own home to be with us and complete our family. I respect that and I welcome you to your new home. Nobody will try to change you, but we will try to learn good things from each other and grow as a unit.

#6 I will never interfere but always be available


Dear daughter, I am aware that you would want to run the house on your own terms and I will always support you. I will never interfere in your ways of parenting, housekeeping or managing your relationship. But know that whenever you feel you need help, I am only a stone's throw away. Don't worry about taking wrong decisions, because you will learn from them. I will give you advice only when you seek and I will always be there to give you a second opinion. I will guide you both and always stay connected.

#7 I will help you bring out the best in yourself


Dear daughter, before being a mother, I am a woman and will always support you in your decisions. I would want you to always be independent. Whether you want to work or stay at home or start a business, don't worry I will always push you go ahead. I want only the best for you.

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